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OJ Simpson with his lawyer at a 2019 court hearing in Las Vegas.
OJ Simpson with his lawyer at a 2019 court hearing in Las Vegas.

OJ Simpson is finally a free man. A spokesman for the Nevada State Police confirmed that they have lifted the probation of the former football player, known worldwide after being acquitted of the murder of his ex-wife Nicole Brown and her partner, Ronald Goldman, in a famous 134-day trial held. in 1995. The controversial 74-year-old athlete had been under surveillance since 2017 after participating in a robbery with weapons of sporting objects in 2007. Authorities with the State Parole Board reported Tuesday that Simpson was fully released on December 1 thanks to your good behavior.

Simpson, whose original name is Orenthal James, had scheduled the end of the probation period for September 29, 2022. This summer, however, the board had moved the date forward to the beginning of February. In the last session with the board, on November 30, Simpson and his attorney convinced authorities to cut the remaining three months. “Mr. Simpson is a completely free man now,” attorney Malcolm LaVergne said in Las Vegas on Tuesday. Simpson declined to speak to the media.

The former athlete left jail in October 2017 after serving a nine-year sentence. In 2008, he was convicted of 12 counts, including kidnapping, robbery and armed robbery, for the robbery of a collector of sporting goods in a Las Vegas casino. In Simpson’s version, he was only trying to recover some trophies of his career, of which he was stripped while awaiting the famous trial of the century, the process that was followed for the double homicide. “I’ve never pointed a gun at anyone,” he said in a 2017 board interview.

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The ruling at the time was seen by various legal experts as too harsh. Many considered it a judicial revenge for the controversial acquittal of the trial held in 1995, where there was evidence that called into question his alleged innocence. The victim of the 2007 robbery, Bruce Fromong, testified in favor of the former athlete. He said he was his friend and that he had never pointed a gun at him. “He’s not a threat to anyone,” he told the parole board a few years ago.

After leaving prison, Simpson said publicly that he would move to the State of Florida. This did not happen. He stayed in Nevada, went to live in a gated community, became fond of golf and opened a Twitter account where he thinks about various topics, especially American football, the sport that established him as a Buffalo Bills player in the 1970s and earned him the 1968 Heisman Trophy for Outstanding Collegiate Athlete.

Attorney LaVergne said in June that his client will continue to fight in court to overturn court decisions requiring him to cover $ 60 million related to the litigation that led to the deaths of Brown and Goldman. A California civil court ruled against him in 1997, holding him civilly responsible for the killings. The judge ordered him to pay 33.5 million dollars to the families of the victims. Simpson is guilty and innocent at the same time for the same case. But today, almost 30 years later, he is a free man at last.

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