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State Lotteries and Betting has presented this Thursday the main details of the Extraordinary Draw of the Christmas Lottery of 2021. A highly anticipated event, which will be held on December 22, in which will distribute 2,408 million euros among all the winners. Despite the fact that everyone aspires to win the Gordo, not everyone will be able to win this first prize valued at 400,000 euros for the tenth player.

The probability of winning both the first prize, as well as the second and third, is just 0.001%. If we take into account that only one in every 100,000 people will win each of these awards, only 470 will win the Gordo if we take into account the number of inhabitants of our country. However, those responsible for this raffle have recalled that many other prizes will be distributed throughout this day.

These are the news of the Extraordinary Christmas Giveaway

As disclosed the president of Loterías y Apuestas del Estado, Jesús Huerta Almendro, from this year on we will be able to collect prizes of less than 2,000 euros through the electronic payment platform Bizum: “We are adapting to society. “ Just one year after reaching an agreement with State Lotteries and Betting so that lottery tickets could be purchased through the platform, players will be able to use this tool to collect their prizes.

In this way, and in case we have been awarded with small prizes such as stones and those numbers whose end coincides with that of the main prizes in the last three figures, we can request the prize through Bizum. Next, we offer you the different prizes that you can redeem through this platform:

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Numbers before and after the 1st prize: 2,000 euros the tenth played
Numbers before and after the 2nd prize: 1,250 euros the tenth played
Numbers before and after the 3rd prize: 960 euros the tenth played
Hundreds of 1st, 2nd and 3rd prize: 100 euros the tenth played
Hundreds of the 4th prize: 100 euros the tenth played
With the last two figures of the 1st, 2nd and 3rd prizes: 100 euros the tenth played.
Refund: 20 euros the tenth played.

This is the announcement of 2021

On the other hand, the company has also used the event to present the new Christmas Lottery advertisement. An advertisement that begins with a man consulting the mail that has reached his mailbox until he finds an envelope with a tenth of the extraordinary Christmas raffle inside.

After opening this envelope, the man discovers that it is the initiative of a neighbor of the town who has decided to distribute tenths so that, in case they play, they can all celebrate together: “Dear neighbors, I have thought that if you touch this number Nothing would make me more excited than to celebrate it with the people I appreciate, Merry Christmas. ” A campaign that excites the couple that receives the ticket, who decides to share another with the town’s fruit company.

In this way they start a chain through which all the inhabitants of the town receive their own number. From the pharmacist to those in charge of the theater. A chain that draws the attention of the media, who speaks of the phenomenon as the chain of mysterious tenths that floods the town. A tenth that ends up playing in the town and causing general ecstasy: “We share our luck with whom we share life.”

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