Nominated for Best Ibero-American Film

Argentina, Chile, Mexico Y Peru will compete for Goya for Best Ibero-American Film in the 36th edition of these awards. Chosen among the thirteen titles presented by the academies and the selection committees of their respective countries, three of them collect personal experiences and the fourth is an adaptation of a literary work.

Film – Nominated Goya Best Ibero-American Film 2022 – 12/08/21 – Listen now

At the gala on February 12 we will know which of the four wins the Iberoamerican Goya, at a gala to be held in Valencia to which, finally, they will be able to attend after the Film Academy reverse its decision to present the award virtually without the assistance of the nominees in the categories of best Ibero-American and European film.


nameless song, by Melina Leon

It is the debut feature of the Peruvian director Melina Leon Inspired by her father’s journalistic investigations into children stolen from your country in the 1980swho much later received a call from a French woman who turned out to be one of those babies and gave him the idea for his first film.

Hora América – ‘Song without a name’, nominated for an Ibero-American Goya for Peru – 01/21/22

Shot in black and white and parts in Quechua, it tells the story of Georgina, an indigenous woman whose newborn baby mysteriously disappears, and a homosexual reporter who helps her investigate what happened, against the background of the violence of the Sendero guerrillas. Luminoso at the end of the 80s. To tell this story about violence and discriminated minorities, Melina León chose Pamela Mendoza as the protagonist, an anthropologist who agreed to play this character because she considers that her origins are like those of Georgina, since Tommy Parragaan experienced actor.

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This drama selected by the Cannes Film Festival in 2019, has received more than 40 awards in international competitions, such as the Colón de Oro and Colón de Plata at the Huelva Ibero-American Film Festival, or the Best Feature Film at the Huelva Film Festival. Madrid New Filmmakers.

the mountain range of dreamsby Patricio Guzman

With this documentary, the renowned Chilean director closes a trilogy that began with nostalgic light Y the anchor button. To shoot it, the filmmaker interviewed some of his friends, left-wing intellectuals, who help him tell the story of Chile’s yesterday and today. And it is that, although Patrick Guzman left the country more than 40 years ago, after Pinochet’s military coup, his work from exile continues to focus on his country and on recovering the memory of the past, projecting it into the future.

Film – ‘The mountain range of dreams’- 12/27/21 – Listen now

In fact, the mountain range of dreams closes sensing the social protests that heled to calling a referendum in the country to draft a new Constitutionwhich gave way to a Constituent Assembly that prepares the new text, and what the new documentary on which the filmmaker is already working will deal with.

It has won, among others, the Best Documentary award at Cannes and the Best Documentary of European Cinema, and it is the third that Chile presents to the Ibero-American Goya, after “La once” and “El agent topo”, by Maite Alberdi. If it wins the statuette, it would be the first time a documentary has done it in this category.

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the siamese, by Paula Hernandez

Based on the eponymous story by the Argentine writer William Saccomano, is the fourth film by this filmmaker, conceived as a theatrical rehearsal with a small cast and sets. In fact, almost all the footage takes place on a bus, where the two protagonists travel to the coast, a mother and a daughter who is going to take charge of two apartments that she has inherited from her father.

Hora América de cine – Latin American filmmakers at IV Festival Cine por Mujeres – 11/19/21 – listen now

Rita Cortez Y Valeria Lois they embody these two women, united by a filial relationship and loneliness, but who lead parallel lives despite being together. A film in which Paula Hernández reflects on issues that have to do with motherhood, as in her previous film, sleepwalkers.

It was chosen as the best fiction film in the last South Awards of the Academy of Cinematographic Arts and Sciences of Argentina, and received a total of nine awards, as well as best film of the Silver Condor, which is awarded by the Association of Cinematographic Chroniclers, with four awards.

The Wolvesby Samuel Kishi

Second feature film by this Mexican filmmaker, it is based on the biography of the director himself. It tells the story of Lucia, played by Martha Reyes, a woman who emigrates to the United States with her two young children, aged eight and five, in search of a better future. While they wait for her mother to return from work, the children explore the neighborhood in which they live, inhabited by Latinos and Asians, through the window of their apartment; they listen to the stories, rules and lessons in English that she has left them on an old tape recorder; They build an imaginary universe with drawings and hope that their mother will take them to Disneyland as she has promised. An innocent and different look at migration and adaptation to another country.

The Wolves It won the Generation KPlus Award for Best Film in Berlin, it has won two Ariel Awards from the Mexican Film Academy and has been awarded at thirty international festivals.

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