NHS worker handed £70 fine after ‘stopping for lollipop man on school run’


Lauren Ford, 27, claims she was dropping her step-daughter to school when a lollipop man stopped the traffic and her step-daughter used the opportunity to open the door and free her bag that was stuck

The council claim that she stopped on the 'keep-clear' area outside Summerbank Primary Academy
The council claim that she stopped on the ‘keep-clear’ area outside Summerbank Primary Academy

An NHS worker was handed a £70 parking fine while on the school run after reportedly stopping for a lollipop man.

Lauren Ford, who works for the NHS was dropping her 10-year-old step-daughter to Summerbank Primary Academy, in Tunstall.

She claims the lollipop man signalled for the children and parents to cross, and her step-daughter used this opportunity to open the car door because her bag was trapped.

She instantly shut the door once freeing herself, but this moment was captured on a CCTV ‘spy-car’, Stoke-on-Trent Live reports.

In response to the minor incident, staff nurse Lauren said she was given a hefty £70 penalty for ‘parking in a non-parking area’.

She is now in a council dispute after she claims she ‘didn’t do anything wrong.’

Lauren Ford, 27 claims that her step-daughter opened the door briefly to free her bag



Lauren, 27 said: “The lollipop man stepped out so we stopped so parents could cross the road. I could see there was a CCTV van parked up in the road, probably looking for people who had parked in the wrong area. There were loads of cars down that road.

“I’m not sure if anyone was manning the actual van but it was parked up on the side of the road and they are not parked in a good area when it’s the rush hour for school and it’s busy.

“My step-daughter had opened the car door because she had her bag trapped in the door.”

She added: “The fine is for parking in a non-parking area but I wasn’t even parked. I had stopped in front of the lollipop man. He was standing in the middle of the road.

“I am angry. It’s like they have given me a fine for not running over the lollipop man. Am I supposed to run him over? It’s unfair.

“I didn’t do anything wrong and I am going to appeal the fine. The road is horrendous anyway.

“It’s not very good when we are working all the time and Christmas is coming up – and then you receive a fine for £70 for dropping your child off at school. I don’t want to be paying that much of a fine. It’s disappointing.

“They should make an area where parents can drop their kids off safely because it’s all double yellows down that road. Everybody parks on it to drop their kids off. The only other place to park is on side streets outside people’s houses.”

However, the council challenges Lauren’s version of events and claim that she parked in the ‘keep-clear’ area outside the school.

The council has defended its decision.

A council spokesman said: “The CCTV footage clearly shows the motorist make the decision to stop on the school keep-clear markings and drop a passenger off in front of the school. The crossing patrol officer then has to step into the road to see if any children were approaching because the vehicle had impeded their view by parking dangerously and putting others at risk.

“The purpose of school keep-clear markings is to keep the space outside schools free from parked vehicles so that children can be seen more easily when crossing the road.”

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