News of the 2020 income campaign in Álava that will begin in April 2021



Income Campaign


The Provincial Council will send to the addresses only the notice that the declaration and the result have been prepared, so that each taxpayer can see their complete draft on the website.

The Hacienda Foral de Álava will expand the group of taxpayers with Rentafácil in the next Rent campaign, since will be incorporated to people who live in rent and also to those who have a rented home.

It is one of the novelties announced by the provincial deputy for Finance, Finance and Budgets, Itziar Gonzalo, this morning, in a press appearance in which he also reported progress in the digitization of the campaign.

Thus, from the next campaign, that will start in april, will be included in Rentafácil the Alavesas and Alaveses with rental homes (both tenants and landlords). In this case, they will receive a postal notice that the Provincial Treasury has pre-made your statement, and they will have to enter the regional website to complete the data related to the home, that is, income or deductions for rent.

There will also news for other taxpayers that already received Rentafácil before. And it is that, this year, the Provincial Council of Álava will take another step in digitization Instead of sending home the complete draft of the declaration, the Provincial Treasury will send the notice and the final result.

They can accept it directly from your computer or mobile device, as usual. And to consult the full statement, you can also do so through the website.

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“We are living in an exceptional moment, as a consequence of the pandemic and the necessary measures to protect the population. A context in which digitization has gained special importance,” explained Gonzalo.

Those taxpayers with difficulties in accessing new technologies will be able to accept their Easy Income by telephone and may even request that the complete draft of the return be sent home, also by telephone. “We want to take steps in favor of digitization, but without leaving anyone behind,” said Gonzalo.

Activation of BAK keys

It will be necessary to identify yourself using the BAK codes or another digital certificate to view the complete draft of the declaration, and also to include the data referring to the rental housing. Currently, more than 70,000 people from Alava and Alava have already activated their BAK. To facilitate this process for those who do not yet have it, the Provincial Treasury will include the activation code for these keys in the notification letter that will be sent to their addresses.


Last year, the number of taxpayers who used the Rentared mode doubled, in which the taxpayers themselves prepare their return from the computer.

“Rentared was an opportunity for many and many taxpayers during the confinement. This modality allows us to make our own declaration any day at any time. It is like a continuously open Treasury window”, Itziar Gonzalo recalled.

“I trust that it will continue to be a useful tool for more and more people from Alava and Alava in the coming campaigns, as it is an easy, safe and comfortable option,” said the regional deputy for the Treasury.

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Attention in the offices

Finally, attention is kept at the offices of the Hacienda Foral in Vitoria-Gasteiz, Llodio and Laguardia. Some new features have also been planned, such as the requirements to access this service. As was the case in previous campaigns, all taxpayers may go to the offices, except those who have carried out economic activity, who have sold their habitual home or carried out more than three real estate or share sales operations.

This year, those who have sold shares of unlisted mercantile companies, who have obtained returns on real estate capital from the rental of fish markets and tourist apartments, or who have received full income from work greater than 80,000 will not be able to make their declaration at the tax offices this year. euros.


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