Newlyweds cancel £4k honeymoon after TUI flight time change ‘spoils entire holiday’


Caroline and Alex Jasinski got married last year and were excited for their honeymoon in Turkey – but say they had no choice but to cancel when their return flight was changed

The pair married last year
Caroline and Alex Jasinski finally got married last year after multiple Covid postponements

A newlywed couple claim they were left with no choice but to cancel their £4,000 honeymoon after their flights were changed to the middle of the night.

Caroline Jasinski married Alex Jasinski last year and the couple booked a trip to Turkey with their children for May this year through TUI.

The parents from Grantham, Lincolnshire, said they paid an additional £500 on top of the £4,000 holiday for daytime flights to suit having young children.

But a month ahead of the holiday, farmers Caroline, 33, and Alex, 35, noticed their return flight had been changed to 2am instead of the original 7pm.

The couple say this would have left them and their youngsters stranded for 14 hours as they need to check out of their hotel room by 12 noon.

The family didn’t want the 2am flights


Caroline Jasinski/SWNS)

Left facing a £480 charge for an extra night at the hotel, they opted to cancel the entire trip.

The parents, who already had their wedding re-scheduled twice due to Covid, say their special holiday with Alexia, seven, and Louie, five, was turned into a “nightmare.”

Caroline said: “It wasn’t a cheap holiday but because it was our honeymoon we wanted something a little more special.

“We were in total shock when we saw the flights had been changed after we paid so much to ensure the flight times were right.

“The children aren’t babies but making them travel in the middle of the night would be a nightmare and in the end we couldn’t face it.

“We would have constantly been worrying about what to do and it would have spoiled the holiday.

“TUI weren’t willing to do anything so we were backed into a corner and forced to cancel.

“We wanted to make sure it was a special trip after waiting so long, but that’s not how it ended up.”

Originally the family were due to fly out from Doncaster airport at 2.30pm on May 26, and fly back from Antalya at 9.45pm a week later.

The couple said the flights didn’t work for them


Caroline Jasinski/SWNS)

They canceled their whole trip


Caroline Jasinski/SWNS)

The horrified parents – who claim they were not told about the change – realized the new timings meant their return flight had been shifted so they wouldn’t be departing until 2am.

Caroline said: “We were in total shock when we saw the flights had been changed. We paid more to ensure good flight times and they changed it without even notifying us.

“The children aren’t babies – they could understand staying up until 9pm. But traveling at 2am would be a nightmare.

“Flying at 2am would also leave us with 14 hours of doing nothing with no room or food.”

Caroline said they contacted the hotel who said they would be able to have the room for an extra night – for an additional £480.

The disappointed newlyweds said they felt they had no option but to cancel their entire honeymoon because the antisocial flight times would have “spoiled the holiday.”

Caroline said: “We couldn’t afford to pay an extra night in the hotel and if we kept the 2am flight, we’d be constantly thinking and worrying about it.

“We didn’t want that, especially when we paid quite a lot to make sure it was special after waiting so long.”

They have now canceled the holiday and been refunded in full – although Caroline is disappointed and feels it shouldn’t have ended that way.

She said: “TUI weren’t willing to help so we were backed into a corner and left with no choice.

“I understand flights do change but you can’t expect to move flights to the middle of the night and not help people out.”

A TUI spokeswoman said: “We’re very sorry the family were affected by a timing change on their honeymoon and understand how disappointing this must have been.

“We have been in continued contact with the customer and are pleased this has now been resolved, with the customer being refunded in full.”

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