New restaurant that fries everything from steak to lasagna to open in former popular nightclub

A popular Kilmarnock nightclub is reopening, but as a tempura restaurant.

The former Bakers nightclub on Fowlds Street closed its doors due to Covid and now the new property will open its doors with a unique twist.

The new restaurant, to be called Bakers Tempura, will fry everything from steaks to lasagna.

There is a lot of work to be done with initial renovations costing around £40,000, but management reckons it will eventually be a £100,000 renovation on time.

They hope to open the new business on Friday, February 11, but won’t rush the reopening if it’s not ready.

Director Esther Potter told Ayrshire Live: “We liked the place as a good restaurant, especially tempura, it’s something different.

Bakers Kilmarnock, under new management, opens as a tempura restaurant
Bakers Kilmarnock, under new management, opens as a tempura restaurant

“We’ve experimented with things like tempura Jaffa Cakes, tempura Twix bars, and tempura pickled onions before this. You can tempura anything.

“The menu is almost sorted, we just need the chef to take a final look at it.

“We’re going to do tempura lasagna, which is something we haven’t seen in a restaurant before.

“There will also be classics on the menu with our twist: tempura hot dogs, tempura burgers, tempura fish.

“We’re also going to do tempura, sirloin and sirloin steaks, which is something different.

Bakers reopens as a tempura restaurant
Bakers reopens as a tempura restaurant

“The tastes of the steak need to be controlled a bit more, you need to cook it first and then cook it the way you want.

“But you also need raw stuff in there, because people will want it blue or weird.”

Esther added: “It sounds easy, it seems like it’s just about frying things, but you have to do it right.

“The batter has to be infused correctly, and we can infuse it to suit each individual person.

“We’ll also do vegetarian stuff, we’ve considered things like pickled cauliflower, carrots, stuff like that.

“Another thing we’re thinking about is tattie tempura scones, we can do anything.

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“As long as you cover it with the batter and put it directly into the pan, you can tempura whatever you want.

“You can ask us to temper anything and we’ll try.

“We’ll also have all your classic desserts, they won’t be fried!

“We will also cater for vegans and vegetarians, any of these things can be done on request.

“It is something that will be good for the people, it is something totally different.

“We’re going to have events as well, we hope to have unique things that are exciting.

“We’re hoping to have a 100-person beer garden too, we’ve got big plans, that’s for sure.”

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