New PIP-style benefit will audio record all consultations for two key reasons

New claims for Personal Independence Payment (PIP) have now been replaced by the Adult Disability Payment in three pilot areas across Scotland.

The launch of the new benefit means that people of working age with a disability, long-term illness or physical or mental health condition, living in Dundee City, Perth and Kinross or the Western Isles can now apply for disability assistance to Social Security Scotland and not the Department for Work and Pensions (DWP).

A phased launch of the new support payment has been scheduled for all 32 council areas across Scotland with nationwide rollout due to begin on August 29, 2022 for existing PIP claimants.

One of the key changes in the delivery of the new benefit will be that all consultations will be audio-recorded, although claimants can opt out of this.

Social Security Scotland explains that consultations will be recorded to make sure the health professional conducting it has noted everything claimants tell them.

The consultation guidance states that they do this so that:

  • your practitioner can focus on listening to you
  • they note accurate information from the recording the consultation is shorter

Social Security Scotland recommends that you do allow the consultation to be recorded, however, you can choose not to have the consultation recorded.

If you opt out of recording:

  • your consultation may take longer
  • it may feel more formal as your practitioner will be typing throughout
  • if you disagree with anything in the consultation report, a recording of the consultation will not be available to check afterwards

Social Security Scotland will store the audio recording in line with data protection regulations and if you want a copy of your audio recording, or you want to opt out, you can ask for this by calling them free on 0800 182 2222.

They also advise that you should do this before your consultation.

It said: “If you tell Social Security Scotland on the day that you do not want the consultation recorded, then they may not be able to continue with the consultation. If this happens, they’ll arrange another consultation appointment.”

Adult Disability Payment consultations

Your consultation will be with a health and social care practitioner from Social Security Scotland.

They will write a report, which they will send to your case manager – this will help them make a decision on your application.

Your consultation can either be:

  • by phone
  • by video calls
  • at a local public venue
  • in your own house

The consultation will not be a diagnosis or medical examination of your condition.

It will only cover the areas of your application that Social Security Scotland needs more information about.

The consultation will be your chance to talk to Social Security Scotland about how your condition or disability affects your life.

Social Security Scotland will use the information you give them to make a decision about your application.

Find out more about the new consultation process on the website here.

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