New mum has sudden heart attack and dies after giving birth as family share final image

Amber Pendlebury’s joy was short lived after she was put on life-support machine immediately after waking from the birth because she had two rapid cardiac arrests

Amber Pendlebury's new born baby is laid on her chest as she passes away
Amber Pendlebury’s new born baby is laid on her chest as she passes away

A mum tragically died from a sudden heart attack having just given birth to a child she will never meet.

The family of Amber Pendlebury has shared a heartbreaking final image of the mum who brought baby Maxwell Lee into the world while she was under general anaesthetic.

Amber was put on a life-support machine immediately after waking up because she had suffered two rapid cardiac arrests, Yorkshire Live reports.

A fatal heart attack happened shortly after giving birth to her son and her family has taken the brave decision to share this extraordinarily moving and heartbreaking image of the mum in her last moments of life.

Her devastated mum, Vida Pendlebury-Atherton, 71, said she has been living a “nightmare” after her daughter’s tragic death in early February.

Days before Amber, a former sales manager, had been very positive about her pregnancy and had “prepared everything” for the arrival of her third child.

Amber’s partner Ben Reeder strokes her head in hospital as she slips away


Life Pendlebury-Atherton/SWNS)

Vida Pendlebury-Atherton with baby Maxwell Lee


Life Pendlebury-Atherton/SWNS)

But just after tiny Maxwell Lee was born, Amber cried out “I can’t breathe” and collapsed, before medics frantically whisked her away for emergency treatment.

She died on February 1, with her mum still shocked at the nature and speed of her unfortunate death.

Vida told YorkshireLive: “I just feel like it’s a nightmare and I’m going to wake up at some point. It’s so, so sad. How can a healthy person with a healthy pregnancy go to have a baby and not come out of it?”

Vida said it had been a wonderful surprise when she first found out that Amber, from Wakefield, was pregnant with her partner Ben Reeder, 36, in 2021.

She said that her daughter – who already had two children, aged 13 and 18, from a previous relationship – was well prepared for the arrival of her third baby.

Amber with partner Ben Reeder


Life Pendlebury-Atherton/SWNS)

Vida said: “At her age, we were really surprised, but then we were delighted. We found out it was going to be a little boy, and they were so looking forward to it.

“She prepared everything for him: a cradle downstairs and a cradle upstairs.”

Amber was admitted to Pinderfields Hospital for the birth on January 25.

Vida said: “She was supposed to go in for a c-section in the morning, and when she got there, she decided she wanted to do a natural birth.

“So they induced her, but she’d been on the drip for the inducement for at least ten hours, and she was only 4cm dilated, which is not good.

“They later said they’d have to do a caesarian section, but said they’d have to put her to sleep while they did it.”

An inquest has been launched following Amber’s death


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Amber Pendlebury will be sorely missed by her family


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Vida said doctors were bringing the mum round when she had a series of sudden heart attacks and never caught a glimpse of her baby before she collapsed.

She said: “Doctors delivered the little baby, who was 6 pounds, 2 ounces. But she never saw him, as when she woke up, she said, ‘I ca n’t breathe, I ca n’t breathe! My chest is on fire, my chest is on fire!”

“That’s all her partner heard her say, and then she was whisked away.”

Vida said she got the news that her daughter was on a life support machine on January 26.

She said: “The first we knew that Amber was poorly was when we got a phone call to go up to the hospital as she was very unwell and wasn’t expected to last the night.

“That was about seven o’clock in the evening. It was unbelievable to get that news. It was like, ‘What’s happened?’”



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Vida was the last person to leave her daughter’s bedside before medics switched off her life support machine a few days later.

She said: “There was only one day where we weren’t able to go because of Covid, but we saw her every day apart from that, and I was the last to leave her.

“I couldn’t stay and watch the machine be switched off. I just couldn’t do it, and it was so hard to leave her”.

Vida says she and her husband will now do what they can to support baby Maxwell Lee and his dad.

She said: “She loved him, and it’s only fitting that he should bring his little boy up. But obviously we’ll be there as grandparents to give help and advice.

“Max was my 19th grandchild, and we’ve had all those other births, and we just didn’t expect in this day and age that women die in childbirth. It just doesn’t seem right.”

An inquest has been launched following Amber’s death, with a post-mortem investigation due to reveal the reason why the healthy mum passed away.

It’s understood Pinderfields Hospital, where Amber was treated, is also conducting its own investigation.

The hospital trust has been approached by The Mirror for comment.

Vida is raising money in a fundraiser with the hope of reaching £3000, so Amber can be buried in a cemetery close to where she lives.

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