New mum ‘couldn’t believe it’ as her baby girl’s first words are ‘alright bruv’


Carmen Bish and Keiren Parsons were listening to their son Bode babbling away to himself when he suddenly uttered his first words – “alright bruv”

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Mum is shocked to hear her baby’s fist words are ‘alright bruv’

A new mum is in shock after her nine-month-old son uttered his first words – which were “alright bruv”.

Carmen Bish, 22, and Keiren Parsons, 26, were listening to their son Bode babbling away to himself when he suddenly uttered his first words.

“Bode, Keiren and I were just chilling together. He was on his changing table chatting away so I got my camera out and filmed him,” said Carmen, from Kent.

“We didn’t even notice at first! We were showing my parents the video and I thought I heard him say something, so I played it again and we all burst out laughing.

“I can’t believe his first words were ‘alright bruv’!”

Carmen posted the video online after encouragement from her family, particularly her dad.

Little Bode was just nine months old when he uttered his first words


Carmen Bish / SWNS)

Carmen posted the video online after encouragement from her family


Carmen Bish / SWNS)

She added: “I literally made a TikTok account Saturday morning, posted it and then deleted the app.

“On Monday, Keiren went into work as usual and his work colleagues mentioned that the video has about 50k views.

“He came home and told me, so I decided to download the app again. By the time I’d checked it was up to 1 millions views!”

Earlier this year The Mirror reported on a baby whose first words to mum were a plea for help, which later led to surgery.

Mum and TikTok user @shawnaannie couldn’t believe her luck when she caught the moment her baby spoke on camera.

But instead of it being a simple word like ‘mum’, ‘dad’ or ‘dog’ – her little girl said something quite chilling which later led to her having surgery.

The TikToker shared the tot’s first words in a video that has since been viewed more than 927,000 times – and viewers are just as terrified as she is.

“When your daughter’s first words are a plea for help,” she wrote in the caption.

In the clip, her daughter who’s laying on her lap can be seen gargling and making baby noises before clearly saying: “Help me mum.”

The short clip which quickly racked up more than 284,000 likes and 2,100 comments, left people Shawna’s followers creeped out.

Shawna later commented to say that not only was it her ‘first words’, but that she’d ‘never said a damn syllable’ before that.

But the creepy plea later led to a shocking discovery.

The mum said: “That shook me. I took her to the paediatrician, who sent us to the cardiologist who heard a murmur. She had surgery less than a month later.”

In a follow-up clip, Shawna showed that her now two-year-old is in great health after having heart surgery.

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