New model of Income generates “innumerable” complaints from pensioners




The Movement of Pensioners of Bizkaia has demanded that the Provincial Council “immediately remedy or fix this unjustifiable situation.”

The Movement of Pensioners of Bizkaia has received “innumerable” complaints about the new model of the Statement of income, and has demanded that the Provincial Council “immediately remedy or fix this unjustifiable situation” that is taking place, and that affects, not only the elderly, but “a very broad sector of the citizenry.”

In a statement, this group denounces that a few days ago the Income Declaration campaign began in Bizkaia and, from the very beginning, “given the forms and conditions established for its preparation, full knowledge of it and possibilities for clarification and resources, it was evident that it would constitute an insurmountable barrier of obstacles, not only for pensioners and the elderly in general, but for a very broad sector of the citizenry. “

“After a few days, we can only verify that the problems we had foreseen are only getting worse, causing a general anger. There are many older people they live alone, without having computers or the internet, even for those who have it, it is practically impossible for them to check their income statements or request clarifications via telematics “, he added.

The Movement of Pensioners of Bizkaia has explained that only those people older people who have children or friends to which they can resort, “and who know how to use the internet service with knowledge and the number of steps they have to go through, they can get to know the data of their income tax return and the possibility of clarifying or appealing what has been sent”.

In any case, he has said that “a good part of the elderly do not even have that possibility.” On the other hand, he has said that the attention by telephone “also implies enormous difficulties, due to the blocking of calls and the limitations of time of attention and explanation”.

“Besides being a public obligation, it is also a right”

“The complaints and annoyances that are reaching the movement of pensioners in Bizkaia are innumerable, stating that an answer to this problem must be given. mobile or fixed, they cannot and should not serve as an excuse for not facilitating the development of the same, “he assured.

In this sense, he stressed that income tax is mandatory for all citizens. “Therefore, it is a public obligation, but also a right to make things easier to the citizens to regularize their final declaration, in some cases paying what they owe and in others collecting the corresponding refund, “he said.

Secondly, it has proposed that the Treasury “guarantee a face-to-face and telephone service, effective and agile, which implies more technical and personnel means for the attention due to all citizens that are in need of these services “.

He has also expressed his “rejection of any privatization of these services that only serve for the benefit of the private agents that can carry them out and higher expenses for the Treasury. “” If this unjustifiable situation is not corrected or immediately fixed, the Movement of Pensioners of Bizkaia will be forced to continue denouncing “, has completed.

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