New Highway Code rules clamp down on smokers who could face a £100 fine


New Highway Code rules could get you fined for throwing a cigarette butt out of a car window.

The changes are intended to clamp down on drivers who improperly dispose of their smoking waste.

The act is considered littering and could land you a pretty hefty fine if you’re caught.

Although smoking in your car is perfectly legal, as long as you and all passengers are over the age of 18, ‘improper disposal’ of cigarette butts could result in a £50 to £100 fine.

The rule change came into force as part of a reorganization of the road hierarchy of the Highway Code.

The goal is to make things safer for the most vulnerable road users, reports Kent Live.

Cropped Image Of Hand Holding Burning Cigarette
Throwing a cigarette butt out your car window could end up with a ticket.

Andrew Marshall of financial firm CarMoney says: “More and more drivers are being caught on the roads by unexpected fines. The new changes to the Highway Code will impose more responsibility on road users and it will be a criminal offense to disobey them.

“More publicized offences, like making phone calls while driving, are already considered unacceptable in our society, but simple things like throwing a cigarette out the window are what we see on the road every day, and often without consequence.

“We remind road users to be considerate of other road users and obey traffic laws for their own safety and the safety of others while traveling.”

With a host of new rules now in place, there are some that can be easily overlooked according to CarMoney.

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Here is a list of some of the lesser known rules that are out there now for drivers to be aware of.

Use the phone to change the playlist while driving

In an effort to combat dangerous driving, the Highway Code now states that drivers caught changing songs on their phone could face a fine.

This also includes any other phone activity such as taking photos or recording videos, any of which could get drivers fined £200 and are considered acts of dangerous driving.

Although using your phone while driving was made illegal in 2003, these new rules were put in place to catch up with other phone use laws.

Stopping beyond the white line at traffic lights

Motorists who creep into the box at a traffic light can face serious consequences.

Drivers caught driving over the white line could face not only a £100 fine, but also three points on their licence.

Advanced Stop Lines, or ASL, mark areas reserved for bicyclists.

Throwing cigarettes out of a car window

New Highway Code rules are clamping down on motorists caught littering, specifically regarding cigarette butts.

Those caught throwing their cigarettes out of the car window can face a fine of between £50 and £100.

This is in accordance with the latest littering laws to limit the casual disposal of plastic butts.

Have a dirty license plate

While keeping your license plate looking pristine can be quite a challenge, especially during these winter months, the new rules provide a hefty fine as an incentive to do just that.

If the plate is not kept clear and visible, motorists could be fined more than substantial £1,000.

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After driving on dirty roads or in poor weather conditions, a quick cleaning of the license plate is recommended.

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