New Braga ad showing ‘Rangers fan’ send Scots into meltdown over accent fail

Rangers fans were left in stitches after hearing Braga’s version of a Scots accent in a promotional video ahead of the upcoming Europa League match.

The Gers travel to Portugal for the first leg of their quarter-final tie against SC Braga on Thursday night.

And ahead of the game Braga posted a video on their social media documenting an imaginary scenario between a Braga and Rangers supporter at the pub.

The video shows a warm, friendly rivalry between the two teams but the accent of the Rangers fan has been the cause of much amusement to Gers fans who admitted it gave them “the fear”.

The accent appears to have a Welsh, Scottish and Portuguese twang to it, leaving fans in hysterics – as they compared it to Mel Gibson’s attempts in Braveheart and admitted: “This is so terrible it’s brilliant.”

The Rangers and The Braga fan share a ‘pint’ together in the promo ahead of the game

Braga wrote on their post: “There is a story to rewrite… Let’s do it Together #AtéAoFim! #UEL

Their video shows a long haired bearded man in a Rangers jersey bearing the number 21, walking through the Portuguese streets singing: “Rangers till I die rangers till I die nah nah nah nah.”

He enters the Pelle pub and meets a shaven headed man wearing a Braga shirt and asks the bartender: “Hey lad can you get me a pint?”

The Braga supporter slaps him on the back saying: “Hey mate welcome back to Braga.”

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The Rangers fan then replies: “Thanks lad. This place brings me some good memories. Hagi, Kent we smashed it. Didn’t we?”

And the Braga supporter agrees: “You deserved to win but here in Braga we like to rewrite history.”

The Rangers lad tells him: “C’mon lad we both know that Rangers is going to end up in the finals.”

And the Braga supporter concludes: ‘They thought the same’

Fans were also amused by the extremely small pint glasses that were used by the men in the video.

One fan said: “What accent is that?’

Another added: “I would love to hear Scots pronounce the word guimaraes” As another responded: “Gammy rash – easy.”

Someone else said: “The accent and the lack of pint Glasses in this video gives me the fear ffs Braga.”

With a fourth suggesting: “I think you owe every Rangers fan a beer on Thursday night after that dodgy accent.”

Another remarked: “A better Scottish accent than Mel Gibson in Braveheart.”

With a sixth joking: ‘Only an excuse has gone right down hill.’

However some defended it saying at least Barga knew some English, with one saying: “Braga just doing a nice promotional video about the big game ahead.”

“And Rangers fans mad because the accent isn’t really the best one. It would be funny hearing some of you talking in Portuguese.

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But probably 99% of Scottish people don’t even know a single Portuguese word.”

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