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Neil Young backstage at Oakland Stadium, California, on July 14, 1974, during a Crosby, Stills, Nash & Young tour.
Neil Young backstage at Oakland Stadium, California, on July 14, 1974, during a Crosby, Stills, Nash & Young tour.Gijsbert Hanekroot (Redferns)

Neil Young is leaving Spotify and it’s a drama. Many have rushed to the drawer of their compacts and vinyls. did i sell Harvest in the last move? did i give him Ragged Glory to my nephew so that he could see what the real thing was grungy? Their music can be heard on other platforms, such as Apple or Amazon, but most have already chosen Spotify. The veteran musician (Ontario, Canada, 76 years old) fought a fight with the platform, lost and has been consistent: he is leaving. He demanded that he remove the Joe Rogan podcast, The Joe Rogan Experience, specialist in propagating controversial theories about the pandemic, especially contrary to the vaccine. “Spotify has become a damaging force for its misinformation and lies about COVID,” Young said in the statement.

Is there any music left on the Swedish platform of the Canadian genius? Something we can herd, yes. For example Heart of Gold, one of his most popular songs with 236 million listeners. This is his first great success, included in Harvest, a job that celebrates its 50th anniversary next February. The song has escaped the radar of the musician’s lawyers because it is on the soundtrack of a movie, Eat Pray Love. The same case as the beauty Harvest Moon, also from the departure of that 2010 film starring Julia Roberts.

Another one of his balls that sneaks in, Rockin’ in the Free World, that sounds in one of the lists of the platform called The best classic rock songs. A six and a half hour hodgepodge where they mix Joy Division with Van Halen, the Smiths with Twister Sister. If the intention with the list is to open the musical mind of the fan, we buy it. Now, if it is to be faithful to the name of the list, there is more than one slip on it. It also includes the electric burst Down By The River, another Young classic, this time from Everybody Knows This Is Nowhere (1969), the first album he released with Crazy Horse; the last one was a month ago, barn, which has unfortunately flown from the application.

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Despite the hardships, we have so far found four major themes in Young’s career. One moment: here it appears The Needle and the Damage Done, the heartbreaking denunciation of the musician against the consequences of heroin. “I have seen the needle and the damage it has caused,” says the piece, one of the first in rock that speaks so crudely of the danger of this opiate. The song is filtered because it has been selected in the list Sad songs. Its inclusion is justified, yes.

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There is on the platform another version of The Needle…, the one who sang in the famous Live Aid, of 1985, like Nothing Is Perfect. Also appears a strange album, Paris 1989, a live acoustic show with a somewhat crappy sound, which God knows where it comes from, because it escapes the record companies with which the rocker has worked. And nothing else on your profile.

We also have the material of the groups in which he participated, none other than Buffalo Springfield (that Mr Soul) and Crosby, Stills, Nash and Young, especially his masterpiece Deja vu (1970). Here, Young plays the mourner helpless, a sign of how many fans have been left when they opened their Spotify this morning: helpless.


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