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Bruce Springsteen was in a great professional moment in the early 80’s. He had just finished editing. The River y Born in the USA it was simmering. Between the two albums, Springsteen experienced his first great depression.

Away from everything and everyone, the musician locked himself in his room and gave shape to different songs. Those songs would end up being Nebraska, his first album without the E Street Band. Bruce saw something special in those songs and decided to do something unusual: record them on a demo.

When Springsteen’s friend and advisor Steve Van Zandt heard these songs for the first time, he saw that there was something unique about them. “I immediately thought that this was the most intimate thing an artist could do. Which is to record something that he has no intention of making known to the public and therefore was crazy, strange and lacked self-awareness,” explains the guitarist to Sofá Sonoro. Van Zandt convinced Springsteen that these songs were not a demo but a record, that he should release them as is.

After giving it a spin, Bruce Springsteen listened to his friend and published Nebraska as a solo album, his crudest, most intimate work. Those songs were not a great success for the singer, who soon after broke the deck with Born in the USABut they did give Bruce another focus and unique depth.

This week we go through the history of Nebraska in very good company, that of the journalist Fernando Navarro and that of Steve Van Zandt himself, who has just presented his fantastic memoir (Crushes and rejections, and. Libros of the Kultrum)

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After circulating through the 21st century without much sense, Bruce Springsteen returned to bring the E Street Band and in just 4 days they recorded a huge album, at the height of the immense legacy of their career. Letter to You He connects with the face of Springsteen that we like the most and without copying any formula for success, he returns to the front line with a powerful album.


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Bruce Springsteen lived through a hectic eighties, a decade in which the New Jersey musician reached the Olympus of Rock while suffering from deep depressions that attacked him harshly. With three albums, released in just four years, they transformed Bruce Springsteen’s career and they enshrined him as one of the most important rock musicians of all time. The double rock album, the melancholic acoustic album and the most important work of his career. A succession of successes and surprises that were interspersed like a roller coaster. That succession lacked a topic to discuss: love. With Tunnel of Love, released in 1987, Springsteen first addressed romantic relationships, failures, disappointments and changes.


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