Navarra will extend the use of the covid passport and advance the closure of establishments




The new regional order includes the extension of the COVID certificate to residences, hotels or gyms and establishes the closure of establishments, companies and clubs between 01:00 and 06:00.

The Government of Navarra will extend the use of the covid passport, at the same time that you are going to activate a extraordinary measures for the containment of the virus, which is registering very high incidences in the territory and a significant tension in the health services.

The new Foral Order 63/2021 has been sent this Monday to the Superior Court of Justice of Navarra (TSJN) and, if it has its endorsement, it would enter into force on the day of its publication in the Official Gazette of Navarra being valid until January 14, included.

Among other measures, it establishes the Maximum limit for the closure of a series of venues and activities between 1:00 a.m. and 6:00 a.m., the obligatory nature of consumption seated at tables for a maximum of 10 people and the regulation of specific social, cultural and sporting events, as well as Christmas activities.

Extension of the covid passport to residences, gyms and other spaces

The request of the covid passport to access residences and social health centers, a measure already contained in the regional order approved last week and that the Supreme Court did not endorse, urging that it be presented, where appropriate, by the Minister of Health as a health authority.

Thus, the document will be required for the access of people 12 years and over to the premises and establishments with license of discotheques, party rooms, show cafes, concert halls, mass events inside (except sporting events that have the regulation of the document of coordinated actions of the Ministry of Health), bingo halls, gaming and betting and recreational rooms, establishments in multifunctional spaces, restaurants (excluding university canteens and company canteens), tourist accommodation such as hostels, hotels and the like , gyms, facilities where physical-sports activities are carried out in closed spaces, with the exception of sports training in organized competitions. Excluded from this requirement of access control to the premises and establishments referred to in this section are the outdoor spaces and terraces of said establishments.

Advancement of the closure in nightlife and hospitality, without consumption at the bar

For its part, business activities, discos, party rooms, show cafes, concert halls, bars, special bars, cafes and restaurants, cultural activities, bingo halls, lounges are closed from 01:00 to 06:00. gambling and betting and recreational activities, as well as establishments in multifunctional spaces when they carry out the activities of hotels and restaurants, gastronomic societies and clubs, bajeras, piperos and the like.

In hotels and restaurants (interiors of establishments with a special bar license, show café, bars, cafes and restaurants), consumption will always be seated at the table and the bars can only be used to order and collect the drink. Consumption may be allowed at tables that have stools and are attached to the bar. Likewise, all these measures will be applicable to gastronomic societies and clubs, as well as ‘piperos’ and the like.

Social, cultural, sports and Christmas events

Will remain restoration prohibited in all cultural, social or sporting events.

When the capacity exceeds 1000 people indoors and 2000 outdoors, it will be necessary to request a mandatory report from the Institute of Public and Labor Health of Navarra.

In turn, specific events for Christmas activities (parades, parades or similar and the traditional San Silvestre races) must be subject to a mandatory report by the Institute of Public and Labor Health of Navarra as long as they exceed 500 people inside and the 1000 abroad.

Among other instances, in the private sphere it was recommended to limit the number of participants in encounters between non-cohabitants to a maximum of 10 people and 2 groups of coexistence, as well as a reference package to avoid risk situations of transmission in the face of Christmas events and activities.

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