NATO leaves the summit “prepared” for a more “dangerous” world

This Thursday concludes in Madrid a NATO summit that practically all the participants have described as “historic”. A “transformative” summit ends marked by support for Ukraine, the approval of a strategy for the next decade that turns its position towards Russia and the entry of Sweden and Finland. NATO has changed to face a “more dangerous and unpredictable” world, as warned by the secretary general of the Atlantic Alliance, Jens Stoltenberg,

“The most important thing was strong message of unity and cohesion of all the allied countries to strengthen the European and transatlantic link, preserve peace and protect our way of life”, said the Spanish president, Pedro Sánchez. He was “proud” of the result of a “great success” of summit.

For the President of the United States, Joe Biden, NATO comes out “stronger and more united”. “Putin believed that he could break the Atlantic Alliance, he wanted to weaken us, but he has achieved exactly what he did not want. He wanted the end of NATO and has achieved the “‘Finnishization’ of NATO”.

Both he and Stoltenberg have reaffirmed the Alliance’s commitment to “defend every inch of their territory”. “We are prepared to protect the entire territory, including Sweden and Finland. We are prepared for all eventualities”said the Secretary General of the Alliance in a direct warning to Russia.

Sánchez highlights the “unity” and “strength” of NATO at the end of the summit and the “historic” agreement to add Sweden and Finland

Insistence on unity and messages to Putin

The leaders have agreed, in their press conferences after the end of the summit, to hold Putin responsible for both the situation in Ukraine and the global food crisis that has caused the conflict. British Prime Minister Boris Johnson has asked “bust the myths” who attribute responsibility for the problem with the food supply to Western sanctions or who blame NATO for inciting the conflict in Ukraine. “We have exceeded expectations in the unit on how to deal with Putin”has defended.

The British Prime Minister, whose country has announced additional military aid of 1.16 billion euros for Ukraine, has highlighted that the cost of freedom is something “always worth paying”. “Unless we get the result right in Ukraine, Putin will be in a position to commit further acts of aggression against other parts of the former Soviet Union, more or less with impunity, leading to more global uncertainty, more oil shocks, more panic and more economic anguish for everyone,” he stressed.

The German Chancellor, Olaf Scholz, has spoken along the same lines, insisting that Moscow “has become a threat to the international order”, for which NATO has reacted with various measures that strengthen the eastern flank of the alliance. As most leaders have emphasized, in almost identical words, he will continue to send weapons to Ukraine “until they are no longer needed.”

The entry of Sweden and Finland, “the clearest message against Russia”

Too a been unanimous in celebrating the enlargement of NATO with the inclusion of Sweden and Finland. The change in position of these two countries constitutes “the clearest strategic message that there can be against Russia,” said the French president, Emmanuel Macron. He recalled that Putin launched the invasion of Ukraine to prevent a possible entry of Ukraine into NATO and finally “the very clear result will be the reinforcement of the Alliance”.

Biden has also drawn attention to the fact that NATO will gain more than a thousand kilometers of border with Russia. Speaking about the incorporation of the two countries, has mistakenly confused Sweden and Switzerland. “My God, yes I am looking forward to this expansion”has joked to justify his mistake.

On Wednesday, on the first day of the summit, it was announced that NATO members formally invited the two Scandinavian countries to join the Alliance. It will be next Tuesday when the accession protocol for each of the countries will be signed, according to Stoltenberg. The secretary general of the Alliance has also announced that next year’s summit will be held in Vilnius, the capital of Lithuania.

It will be this city that has the challenge of improving the organization of the summit that all the leaders have celebrated. For Stoltenberg, it has been “perfect, flawless and excellent”.

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