NATO asks China not to support Russia in the war


NATO Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg announced this Thursday that the leaders of the Atlantic Alliance have agreed send more military aid to Ukraine and has asked China not to support Russia in the war. He has done so in his appearance after the extraordinary summit between the leaders of the Atlantic Alliance, one month after the start of the Russian invasion of Ukraine.

The meeting brought together US President Joe Biden with European partners for the first time since the war in Ukraine began. The Ukrainian president has also intervened, Volodymyr Zelensky, by videoconference in which he has asked for more support from NATO and has warned that the Russian president, Vladimir Putin, is willing to go “beyond Ukraine”.

They urge China to “ask for a peaceful end”

The Secretary General of NATO has indicated in a press conference after the meeting that the leaders of the Alliance have asked China that “does not support Russia’s war in Ukraine”. “Our message to China is to join the rest of the world in condemning the war in Ukraine. It should not offer economic or military aid. You must ask for an immediate peaceful solution,” Stoltenberg has pointed out.

During the summit, the US president and several of his NATO allies have urged China to “call for a peaceful end to the conflict” in Ukraine, according to a senior US official, who has requested anonymity.

The President of the Spanish Government, Pedro Sánchez, asked China upon his arrival at the summit to play a “constructive” role in resolving the war in Ukraine and for Russia to withdraw its troops and return to the internationally recognized borders of the Russian Federation.

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For his part, Biden stressed that “China understands that its economic future is much more related to the West than with Russia” and has confessed that he hopes that Chino will not help Russia.

Four new combat units

Stoltenberg has announced that the leaders have approved provide more aid to Ukraine and that they will equip kyiv with more military supplies, such as anti-tank systems and drones. Allies have given the green light to establishment of four new international battalions in Hungary, Romania, Slovakia and Bulgaria, in addition to the other four in the Baltic countries and Poland.

They have also decided to activate “the elements of chemical, biological, radiological and nuclear defence” of NATO. “We are worried because we see that Russia is trying create a pretext to prepare to use chemical and nuclear weapons“, has indicated the secretary general. “Any use of chemical weapons will totally change the nature of the conflict. It would be violation of international law and will have consequencesStoltenberg asserted, warning that the use of such weapons “would affect people in Ukraine, but also those in NATO countries.”

“This shows the importance of ending this war immediatelybecause this is a dangerous situation,” he stressed. “We have a responsibility to make sure that this conflict not be a war between NATO and Russia. That is why the allies have said they will not deploy troops on the ground in Ukraine,” he added.

The US president has warned that his government “will respond” if Russia uses chemical weapons in Ukraine and has assured that these reprisals will depend on “the nature of the use” of these types of weapons by Moscow.

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air defense systems

Biden has claimed that Washington and its allies are studying the possibility of provide Ukraine with air defense systems.

A high-ranking US official has stated that Washington has begun talks with its NATO allies about the possibility of providing anti-ship missiles to Ukraine. “There may be some technical issues to get it done, but it’s something we’re starting to work on,” she said on condition of anonymity.

The debate about the possibility of sending this type of missile to Ukraine comes shortly after the Ukrainian Navy claimed to have destroyed a Russian troop landing ship docked in the port of Berdyanskcontrolled by the Russian Army.

Berdyansk is located 70 kilometers southwest of Mariupol and has strategic importance to the Russian invaders as a key point to deliver ammunition, military equipment and soldiers to southern Ukraine.

Zelenski asks for more military support to the Alliance

The Ukrainian president has called on NATO leaders to increase military support to Ukraine against Russian forces which, he has warned, would attack members of the Atlantic Alliance in Eastern Europeincluding Poland.

“(Russia) wants to go further, against the eastern members of NATO. The Baltic states. Poland, for sure,” said the president, who assured that “NATO still has to demonstrate what can the Alliance do to save people“.

In addition, the president has lamented that Western countries do not provide Ukraine with aircraft, modern anti-missile systems, tanks or anti-ship weapons.

Zelensky has also stressed that “Peace works, while wars don’t”. “I would like to invite you to show the whole world and future generations that war does not bring results. However, peace does bear fruit and good results,” he told NATO leaders.

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NATO extends Stoltenberg’s mandate by one year

The leaders of the Atlantic Alliance have agreed extend Jens Stoltenberg’s term by one year as general secretary, which expired in September, in view of the “biggest security crisis in a generation” for the Russian invasion of Ukraine.

Stoltenberg, NATO Secretary General since 2014, was appointed in February as next governor of Norges Bankthe central bank of Norway, for a period of six years.

The highest political position of the Alliance is chosen in an informal process of diplomatic consultations between the allies and the election is made by consensus for a period of four years that can be extended.


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