‘My violent ex stalked me with a camera hidden in my wardrobe after we broke up’


Jamie Robinson had attacked Nicola twice after they split last July, leaving her terrified. And she feared he was monitoring her after he kept showing up at the same places as her

Nicholas Robinson
Nicola Robinson feared her ex was monitoring her

A mum has told of her horror when she found her violent ex was spying on her using a camera hidden in her wardrobe.

Jamie Robinson had attacked Nicola twice after they split last July, leaving her terrified.

And she feared he was monitoring her after he kept showing up at the same places as her.

Police found the Google Nest – designed to record audio and visual for home security – after searching her house in October.

Nicola, 36, said: “I was so shocked. I don’t know when he managed to fit the devices but he filmed numerous day-to-day conversations I had with friends and family.

Jamie Robinson was jailed for four years


Northamptonshire Police)

“I fell out with friends because things they had told me in confidence were being spread around. I didn’t feel like I could trust anyone. It was incredibly isolating.”

Robinson, 32, was jailed for four years at Northampton magistrates court last month after he admitted attacking and stalking her.

She said: “It’s upsetting to know I spent nine years with someone who would do this to me.

“He tried to make me fall out with my friends by blaming them for telling him things but it was actually listening to him in the whole time.”

Nicola, a support worker, met tattooist Robinson through friends during a night out in August 2013.

The pair wed in November 2016, and had a son. But things soured as he began staying out late and being cagey about his whereabouts.

In July Nicola ordered him to go and he punched her in the back of the head.

Nine days later, he returned at 6am, asked her where she had been and throttled her.

The woman shows where the camera was found in her wardrobe



Police arrested him but soon afterwards he started turning up unexpectedly – ​​one time following her to a hotel where she was staying with a friend and checking into the room next door.

He knocked on their door, leaving her stunned. “I couldn’t believe he was there, and I immediately ran down to reception,” Nicola said. “We were moved to a different room, but I was really worried he’d come back.”

In October, Nicola told a police officer at her home of her fears Robinson was tracking her. They searched for a camera but found nothing.

“I said I needed to dash off to school and Jamie turned up at the school gates,” she said. “He asked me why I let the officer go upstairs and I knew he’d heard my conversation.”

Police eventually located the camera in her bedroom wardrobe.

Investigating officer PC Thomas Rosignoli described Robinson as “an extremely calculating and manipulative individual”.

Nicola said she was relieved by her jail sentence and hopes to help other women in similar circumstances.

She added: “I haven’t dated anyone yet, my headspace is just not there yet.

“My main priority is getting myself better and to a stable place.”

The Sunday People have campaigned for a stalkers’ register to track serial perpetrators.

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