‘My sister-in-law secretly pierced my daughter’s belly button – I’m furious’

A woman was left horrified after realizing her sister-in-law had taken her 13-year-old daughter to get her belly button pierced at a friend’s house without first getting permission

The sister-in-law has now been banned from their Easter gathering (Stock Photo)

A woman has banned her sister-in-law from their Easter party after she crossed one line too many – by getting her daughter’s belly button pierced without the woman’s permission.

The 30-year-old sister-in-law has long taken liberties with the woman and her husband, regularly asking them for money while quitting “every other job she has after a month.”

However, to their teenage daughter, she is the “fun aunt”, and a person she absolutely loves spending time with.

The 40-year-old woman and her husband have previously taken issue with the “inappropriate” things the cool aunt says and does around their young daughter. However, nothing compares to her 13th birthday.

According to the furious mother, two weeks ago, the sister-in-law wanted to take her daughter out shopping for clothes as a birthday present. Little did they know that she had a secret present in mind: a belly button piercing.

The sister-in-law kept the present a secret from the girl’s parents (Stock Photo)


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Taking to Reddit, the irate mum recalled: “Turns out, she took our daughter to one of her friend’s apartments who pierced her belly button. I found out when I found my daughter disinfecting it a few days later.

“Our daughter has expressed wanting this to her dad and me, and we firmly said no. My husband thinks they’re trashy and I sort of agree. Maybe when she’s a little older if that’s really what she wants, but 13? No way .”

To make matters worse, the piercing was done at a friend’s apartment, not at a proper studio, leaving the parents concerned about how sanitary and safe the procedure actually was.

The poster – who goes by the username u/Cute-Ad2631 – continued: “How do we know that friend knows what she’s doing? How do we know her materials are clean? Horribly disrespectful and dangerous in our opinion.

“Because of this, we are not allowing sister-in-law at our house for Easter. Our daughter is upset, and my sister-in-law is raging at my husband.

“At the end of the day, she took our daughter to do something that we firmly said no to, and potentially put her at harm. We also aren’t going to allow our daughter to go with her aunt alone anywhere anytime soon.”

Many of her fellow Reddit users have reassured her that her anger is completely justified, given how the deceitful and careless way the sister-in-law has acted.

One person wrote: “I think if she can be re-integrated into your daughter’s life eventually, that would be better, because your daughter deserves agency in who is in her life.

“However, your sister-in-law seriously needs to know she cannot do stuff like that and will be held accountable when she does. I’m sorry about how horrible a position this puts you in as a parent.”

Another advised: “Taking the stance with her that belly button piercings are trashy is not the best way to approach this. That might be your opinion, but your daughter is going to grow into someone with her own opinions and might miss the point of the lesson if you focus on that.

“You would be way better off if you approached it from a safety standpoint to express to her why you are so mad at her aunt. Force her to sit down with you and research all of the horrible medical conditions that she could have been exposed to.” by getting her piercing at someone’s home.

“Graphic pictures of cellulitis and stories about what Hep B does, etc. Take her to the doctor to get screened for transmissible diseases.”

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