‘My parents-in-law say I have no right naming my son as he isn’t biologically mine’

A man set to welcome a baby through surrogacy physically removed his in-laws from his home after they said his husband had more right to name their son than he did

His parents-in-law suggested he wasn’t a “real dad” (Stock Photo)

A man is soon set to welcome his second child, and threw a gender reveal party to celebrate – but soon he was dismayed as according to his in-laws he wasn’t a “real dad”.

He and his husband already have a three-year-daughter, who they adopted two years back, and who they say “means the world” to them.

The couple is now about to have a son through surrogacy, with their new baby conceived using the husband’s sperm and an egg from a donor, who is also a friend of theirs.

The surrogate is now seven months pregnant and the proud parents-to-be threw a gender reveal party in anticipation, inviting along friends and family members.

The in-laws suggested that they choose a name then and there (Stock Photo)


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It turned out the baby was to be a boy, and the man’s in-laws suggested they picked out the name right there and then.

Sharing his story via Reddit, the man wrote: “I’ve already chosen one but as I didn’t want to destroy their happiness, I let them suggest names to see if they come out with the name.

“They only suggested naming our baby after their fathers, it was something like Peter Jeremiah, I have nothing against people named like that but I don’t really like it for my child.

“I told them that we’d think about it, but they insisted on picking one. After insisting so much I told them that I’d already picked one, then my mother-in-law said, ‘Well, it doesn’t matter, my son has the last say’.

“I said, ‘Sorry?’ then my father-in-law replied, ‘yeah, my son has more rights to name the baby since he is the real dad’.”

The poster – who goes by the username u/Papa_in-waiting1762 – continued: “I was furious and my husband was petrified so I (didn’t let them explain what they said) grabbed their arms and kicked them out.

“My husband got back to reality and said, ‘They are my parents and this wasn’t the way’, and as you can guess I ruined the party. Everyone left and after that, my husband apologized for what his parents did.”

This morning, the man’s mother-in-law called his husband to express disappointment in his behaviour, which she had found hurtful. He now wonders whether he should have given them more time to explain themselves.

However, many of his fellow Reddit users completely understood his initial reaction, with one person writing, “Their behavior was outrageous and they overstayed their welcome when they invalidated you as a father.”

Another urged: “Do not let them convince you or your husband that they never intended to diminish your significance to your child.”

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