‘My nosy neighbor told me to stop wearing lingerie in my own house’

A woman has been left gobsmacked after her neighbor told her to put more clothes on in her own home, because his daughter had been her half-naked when using her binoculars

She couldn't believe it when her neighbor complained
She couldn’t believe it when her neighbor complained

A woman has found herself in a neighborhood dispute after a man next door asked her to stop wearing lingerie around the house, because his little girl had been seen – through binoculars.

And, if that wasn’t bad enough, the woman’s own husband even agreed with him and told her she should be dressing more appropriately in her own home.

“Although we just got back from our honeymoon, I still wear lingerie and sometimes walk around in them when I wake up in the morning when making coffee or breakfast,” she wrote on Reddit’s AITA forum.

“The other day I was in the kitchen preparing coffee while my husband was out and heard a knock on the door, I immediately went to grab my long rope before answering.”

He threatened to tell their whole neighborhood



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When the woman answered the door, she was greeted by her next door neighbour, who informed her that his seven-year-old daughter’s room looks onto their living room, and she recently saw her wearing “inappropriate clothes” when looking out using her binoculars .

“I was taken back. turns out his daughter uses her binoculars to supposedly watch the yard but she obviously peeped through our large glass windows to see inside even though we have curtains on,” she continued.

“My neighbor said this wasn’t cool and his daughter just saw ‘something she cannot’ un-see, that is not appropriate. I asked him what he meant and he requested that I be a little considerate when it comes to clothing (or lack of) but I thought that was just ridiculous since that is my house.”

The woman argued back, telling him that she has a right to wear whatever she wants in her own home and that his little girl has “no business peeping.” He told her that she’s just a “curious” little girl and meant no harm, prompting her to tell him to leave.

“He didn’t take it well and implied that he’d take steps to ensure I don’t ‘expose’ his daughter to stuff like that in the future. He left and I just thought my entire day was ruined especially after he said he’d bring this incident to the neighbourhood’s group’s attention,” she continued.

“I told my husband what happened when he got home and he agreed with our neighbor saying that I should ‘just leave the lingerie in the bedroom’ where it belongs and learn to put some decent clothes on to avoid this type of incident.

“He also said I was wrong to speak to our neighbor like that and that if he was in his shoes and his kid witnessed ‘that’ he’d be just as furious if not more, so we should cut our neighbor some slack.”

The woman then turned to Reddit to question whether she was in the wrong or whether her neighbor had crossed a line.

“Both men are blaming you for being comfy behind closed doors while the neighbors child peeps through windows with binoculars. He should teach his child to mind their damn business,” one Reddit user wrote.

“My petty a** would withhold any intimacy or body contact from the husband because the neighbors might see and blame you for being to inappropriate for his daughter to watch through binoculars from their house.”

Another added: “Your neighbor is and the fact your husband agreed with them is problematic as well. He should buy you more lingerie as an apology. Then you can wear it around your house.”

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