My kids put M&S ​​and Morrisons Jubilee Corgi cakes to the test – this one took the crown

They’re up there with the most popular celebration cakes so it’s no surprise that retailers have been transforming their caterpillars into corgis to mark the Queen’s Platinum Jubilee.

Aldi has stayed out of this one – poor Cuthbert’s probably avoiding the limelight after his court case. This time it’s Morrisons and M&S going head-to-head with their cake creations.

While Morrisons has launched Clarence the Corgi cake to honor the occasion, M&S, home of the original Colin the Caterpillar, has gone double whammy with two cakes in one. One half of the M&S creation is a corgi and the other is its Connie the Caterpillar transformed into the Queen herself.

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As expected both shop cakes have been in high demand ahead of the big day and when M&S shared a snap of its Limited Edition Corgi meets Jubilee Connie the Caterpillar cake on Instagram, it racked up thousands of likes in just a couple of hours from eager customers to get their hands on one.

Limited Edition Corgi meets Jubilee Connie the Caterpillar from M&S

Essentially what you’re getting with any caterpillar cake is a swiss roll covered in chocolate – but we all know there’s a lot more to it than that. Like most children, my two are fans of cake and at 13 and 11, let’s just say they’ve eaten their fair share of the stuff to know what makes a decent slice.

So I let them give both a taste to see what they thought. Obviously with my own 43 years’ experience of cake eating, my input would be vital to this little sugary experiment.

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So how do they rate?

On looks alone we all agreed that as delightful as Clarence is, it’s the M&S duo who stand out and would make a bigger impression on your party table. It was a genius idea to have Connie in on the act as the Queen, as well as making Colin into a Corgi.

The M&S creation is two cakes in one
The M&S creation is two cakes in one

The only downside to them facing one another inside the box is that their faces have rubbed up against each other leaving remnants of Corgi’s brown chocolate on the Queen and vice versa – a right royal mucky pup.

As for Clarence, who is decorated with red, blue and white sprinkles, his face is edible too, but icing rather than chocolate. Only my son preferred that to the delicious chocolate faces of Connie and Corgi mind and if you’ve tasted the M&S chocolate encasing Colin before – and those white chocolate feet – then you’ll know why. This is not just any old chocolate.

Don’t get me wrong, Clarence was tasty, but he could have done with a bit more of the gooey stuff and less of the cake. While everyone has their own preference on cake to filling ratios (I’m sure that’s a thing with the Mary Berrys of this world) we all preferred the taste and texture that the larger quantity of chocolate buttercream gave to Connie and Corgi.

Morrisons has launched Clarence the Corgi cake to honor the occasion
Morrisons has launched Clarence the Corgi cake to honor the occasion

The dog lover in me feels mean pitting them against each other and like with any pooch the right home can be found for both of these cakes. It just happens that in our chocolate-loving household, it’s Corgi and Jubilee Connie who take the crown.

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Morrisons is selling Clarence, 900g, for £6. M&S has its Limited Edition Corgi meets Jubilee Connie the Caterpillar, 720g, in store for £10. Both have a wide range of Jubilee food and gifts available.

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