‘My husband mocked my traumatic birth experience in front of his whole family’

A new mum has revealed her anger after her husband mocked her for something which happened during the traumatic birth of their newborn baby

She described giving birth as the most difficult and painful experience of her life
She described giving birth as the most difficult and painful experience of her life

A man is being slammed online after he goaded his wife into screaming at him in front of his whole family, for mocking her traumatic birth story. His wife, 25, had given birth to their daughter just weeks earlier, in what she described as the most painful and difficult experience of her life.

“When I went into labour I had the most difficult time of my life, I was in pain for hours and I did something so embarrassing in the delivery room. I pooped myself which was unexpected and it was so embarrassing. My medical team were very professional about it, but my husband couldn’t help himself and started laughing about it later,” she wrote on Reddit’s AITA forum.

“He even told my family about it but they didn’t react and just didn’t find it funny. Neither did I, in fact, I found it embarrassing and I already told him to stop bringing it up, especially when he started joking about getting me diapers for my ‘oopsies!’ It got really tiring and chipped away from my self-esteem and confidence.”

On New Year’s Eve, the couple were celebrating with her in-laws, when she excused herself to go to the toilet and her husband said: “Oh yeah, you should go quickly because we don’t want any accidents just like the one we had at the hospital, you know what I mean,” while winking at her.

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All of her in-laws started laughing and her brother-in-law even said, “good one,” prompting the woman to completely lose it.

“I was astonished and so angry and ashamed, I literally just lost it on him and yelled at the top of my lungs calling him a cruel insensitive jerk to be using the difficult experience of birthing his child as a joking matter and humiliating me in front of everybody,” she continued.

“He was shocked, staring back at me and not saying a word. All went silent and I just stormed off to the bathroom until we left and that was when he snapped saying I messed up by talking to him like that in front of his family during dinner.

“I said I couldn’t hold my tongue for that long and after he kept joking about an embarrassing thing when I told him to stop. He said he was just joking and I went overboard with my reaction, saying I should’ve sucked it up and waited until we got home so we could address this privately and I could even yell at him as long as I wanted.”

The woman turned to Reddit to question whether she was wrong to shout at her husband in front of his family and whether she should’ve waited until they got home to get mad at him.

“What a cruel and immature joke to make, ask him to push a watermelon out his d*** and see if he can do it without any ’embarrassing accidents.’ If you had addressed this in private he would’ve said the same thing: you’re emotional and overreacting. He did it in front of his parents and family to corner you,” one Reddit user commented.

“This behaviour needs to get nipped ASAP. Women release bowels during labour ALL the time, you have absolutely nothing to be ashamed of.”

Another added: “How ignorant is he that he doesn’t know that pooping during birth happens a lot. It’s almost as if you are giving birth and losing some bodily functions in the process. He needs to knock it off and just appreciate the fact you put your body through all of that for both of you to have your beautiful baby.”

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