‘My husband doesn’t like being a dad – he wants to see the kids once a month’


A woman asked for advice online after her husband admitted that he wanted to leave her and their children, as he’s decided that he would like more freedom than he currently has

A young husband and father sits at a dining table looking through the household bills and holds his head in despair . His wife and young daughter stand in the background looking on sympathetically .
The man said he feels ‘caged and trapped’

Parenting can be a tough gig, but it’s definitely worth it.

While raising children is undeniably hard at times, they bring so much joy into the world.

So one mum was left flabbergasted recently after her husband admitted he no longer wants to be a full-time parent.

His decision to leave her and their children sparked outrage – with many shocked by the man’s admissions.

Writing on Mumsnet, the woman explained: “We have 3 children under the age of 13, been together for over 20 years, both mid-40s

“[Husband] doesn’t ‘enjoy any aspects of being a father’, he has become increasingly vocal about this with me.

The woman was flooded with support


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“He was talking about leaving so he can start again. Term-time holidays, free time in the evening, hobbies, [the] possibility of a girlfriend with the same hobbies and interests as him, new and exciting friends. He said he feels caged and trapped by our life together.

“His plan – He wanted to move 3 hours away, see the kids once a month (for a weekend) and for half the summer holidays.

“He said he loves me and if it was just us it would be fine but it isn’t and he struggles so much with being a father.

“Has anyone else had anything similar? This all came out at the start of the year but he hasn’t actually gone anywhere? Just looks sad and lost all the time. Snappy with the kids and me.

“We have been trying to get back some of our magic back by date nights and mini-breaks. Couples counselling went well. This has all been amazing but doesn’t actually help with the issue that he doesn’t want to be a father anymore.

“What should I do? I can’t think how I would bring them up on my own if he did leave? I only work part-time and we have a big mortgage.”

People were left fuming at the disrespect shown to the woman and their children, with one commenter advising: “What a gem of a human. I think you should kick him out for disrespecting you all even thinking that seriously let alone saying it! You all deserve better.”

Another added: “It makes me so sad that your reaction to this is to try and woo him back as if this is somehow your fault.”

A third commented: “What an absolute piece of c*** he is. Your poor children. They deserve so much better than him. And you deserve so much better than this.

“He chose to have children with you and now he wants to just dump the lot of you because parenting is hard work and not constant fun?

“He’s happy to leave you to do 99% of the hard work parenting because doing just 50% of it is too difficult for him.

“And he wants to swan around doing hobbies and having girlfriends and picking up (and subsequently dropping) the kids when he feels like it whilst you will barely have time to even think straight what with working and being a single parent.

“He’s an awful person. And a f****** selfish one at that.”

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