‘My dad died 11 days after he stopped shielding, ending restrictions killed him’

David Garfinkel, from Edgware, lost his 76-year-old father Ivor 11 days after ‘freedom day’ was announced by Prime Minister Boris Johnson

David with his dad
David lost his father 11 days after Freedom Day was announced

A son who lost his dad to coronavirus just days after the UK’s restrictions to protect against the disease were lifted in July has said ‘freedom day’ was a death sentence.

David Garfinkel, from Edgware, lost his 76-year-old father Ivor 11 days after ‘freedom day’ was announced by Prime Minister Boris Johnson.

The father-of-two said the day was a “death sentence” for his dad, who had been shielding throughout the pandemic, My London reports.

“When freedom day happened and all the restrictions were moved all in one go,” he said. “Quickly as they were, my dad got Covid a week after that and he died 11 days later.”

The father-of-two said that he and his family followed restrictions “very carefully” for almost two years, and even weeks before his father died, they were still only speaking to each other outside the house from a distance.

Ivor died in hospital alone without his family by his side


David Garfinkel)

The 49-year-old said: “As a family we followed the rules very carefully, almost to the letter, almost all the way through.

“If people said you couldn’t meet, we didn’t meet. If people said you could have four people in your garden, we had four people in our garden and no more.

“We followed the rules as we were told to follow it.”

As a vulnerable person, David’s dad was shielding and strictly followed the rules, living a humble existence for months on end.

David said: “My dad had kept all the measures that took place during the first however many months up to July this year.

“And he was double vaccinated as well, very early on.

Prime Minister Boris Johnson



“He went out, he wore a mask, he went to buy food, he went to see the doctor, that was it. That was his life.

“He didn’t do an awful lot more than that.”

David continued: “He had an underlying health condition but that condition wasn’t killing him.

“He was living a perfectly normal healthy life and because of Covid and all the rules that we lived under obviously we haven’t seen him properly for ages.

“And even when we could he was really nervous about coming to our house so we were still having conversations in the street, probably about four weeks before he died.

“He wouldn’t come in. That’s how safe he was being.”

The Londoner says that he was left feeling worried when the Government decided to take all the safety measures away despite the whole population not being double-jabbed.

“I was worried for everyone in that position that people were going to die unnecessarily throughout the course of this,” he said.

“Why announce that when the very people who are vulnerable like my dad had the vaccines at the start of the process. The most vulnerable people were the people who needed the boosters.”

Ivor caught Covid after restrictions were lifted and was taken into hospital but later discharged despite still having the virus.

His son says that he battled with his father’s GP to get him readmitted as his condition worsened and eventually he was taken back to hospital and later died alone without any family members at his side.

David said: “The first time I properly spoke to him, he was in hospital, he was on the drips.

“We spoke for about 30 seconds and I wasn’t really told anything by anyone at all and a nurse said they were giving him all the antibiotics they were giving him Covid treatment.

“He wasn’t on oxygen at that point and then literally the next day he was on a ventilator in ICU and four days later he was dead.”

The 49-year-old says that he is constantly reminded of the loss of his father as Covid sweeps headlines on a daily basis.

“It was my birthday at the beginning of this week and normally I’d expect to get a call from my dad on my birthday and I didn’t, and I never will.

“That’s the first time in my life that’s happened and I know for everyone going through these things, when someone dies of Covid you can’t be with them.”

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