Murad 2-in-1 SPF serum review: Is the UVA and UVB protection sunscreen worth £70?


Anyone who’s tried Murad skincare will know just how good it is. The brainchild of Dr Howard Murad, it’s a brand steeped in science and one that prides itself on its effective, clinically-proven formulations that promise to ensure skin is the healthiest it can be.

Amongst its range of active ingredient-laced cleansers and moisturizers is a bestselling selection of sunscreens – from its 100 per cent mineral “cityskin” formula (£60, to its much-loved oil and pore control mattifying lotion ( £37, that’s a real godsend for blemish-prone skin types. Now, there’s a new kid on the block and it comes in the form of Murad correct and perfect serum SPF 45. It’s a two-in-one formula that claims to protect against the sun’s harmful UV rays while working to brighten skin and correct existing pigmentation and dark spots.

The 100 per cent mineral SPF costs £68 for 30ml, which is very much on the more expensive end of the sliding scale of sunscreen prices. Murad isn’t known for falling within the affordable category though, and this new product is even more proof of that. This formula is packed with promising claims, but also has the highest price point out of all Murad sunscreens, so – before you shell out your hard-earned cash – we’ve put it to the test to see if it’s worth it.

How we tested

We got our hands on this product around a month before its official launch and have been using it ever since – applying it after our usual cleansing and daily antioxidant routine, as the last step before putting on make-up. While that’s not enough time to fully analyze its supposed dark spot and pigmentation-reducing abilities, we were able to test how easily it slots into an existing skincare routine, as well as how it wears underneath make-up. We also kept an eye on any small improvements in both overall skin tone and brightness.

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Murad correct and perfect serum SPF 45: £68, (available from 7 April)


The technology

Murad says that this two-in-one formula will act as both a sunscreen and as a product to correct discolouration. Claiming to brighten the skin as you use it, the correcting benefits come via the UV-responsible carotenoid technology – which is exclusive to Murad – and is formulated with jojoba, squalene, tomato and beetroot extract.

The carotenoids technology used has been proven to help stimulate collagen and elastin in skin, as well as helping to repair and regenerate protein fibers previously damaged by UV light. It works to absorb and reflect UV light for a natural-looking glow, while simultaneously acting as an antioxidant, brightening skin and visibly reducing discolouration and always ensuring skin is hydrated. It’s also been clinically tested on the full Fitzpatrick skin types scale (a classification that analyzes skin type based on the amount of pigment in the skin and its reaction to sun exposure) which makes it truly ideal for any skin tone.


As with all Murad sunscreens, this one is incredibly lightweight. While that’s not unusual for this sort of product nowadays, when you consider that this is a 100 per cent mineral formula, it is impressive. Unlike physical (or chemical) sunscreens, mineral formulas are less likely to cause irritation or stinging eyes, but they are also the ones that are most often thick, white and greasy. That’s because the ingredients don’t absorb into the skin itself, instead, the filters sit on the surface and act as a screen that deflects harmful UV rays.

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However, Murad has really struck the perfect balance in terms of creating a range of mineral sunscreens that offer incredible UVA and UVB protection that are almost invisible on skin and leave no white cast at all. Described as a serum, the texture lived up to our expectations and once applied, skin immediately felt soft to the touch and had a natural-looking, dewy finish that was perfect for applying make-up on top of. We also noticed a slight improvement in the appearance of post-acne marks around our jawline and on our neck, which is a great sign of the longer-term benefits this formula offers.

The verdict: Murad correct and perfect serum SPF 45

Despite the high price point, this sunscreen can’t be faulted. It really does deliver on every level, from the lightweight, easy-to-apply formula that leaves skin feeling smooth and hydrated, right through to the proven technology. Over time, it will target existing discolouration while also preventing future hyperpigmentation from developing. Given Murad’s overarching approach to science and skincare, our tester has no doubt excellent results will be seen with prolonged use of this particular product.

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