Mum’s kitchen left ‘covered in urine’ as holes in ceiling unfixed for two years

Mum-of-four Roisin Duffy was left with a black eye and a house riddled with mould after two ceilings collapsed exposing giant holes but the family has waited two years

Two ceilings in a family house collapsed

A mum ‘can’t bear the thought of another Christmas’ in her home after the kitchen ceiling collapsed exposing a waste pipe that drenched the room in urine.

Roisin Duffy, from West Belfast, Ireland, said the family have waited two years to have her ceiling fixed after it fell through multiple times.

Social rented housing provider Radius Housing has apologised for the delay.

The mum-of-four was left with a black eye as she was caught unaware of the failing ceiling while washing the dishes in the kitchen.

A leaky radiator also caused the living room ceiling to collapse just over two years ago, BelfastLive reports.

Repairs to the property were meant to take place in 2020 but due to the pandemic they were delayed and have not been carried out since.

The delay has caused the house to develop mould and damp problems which the mum believes is affecting her and her children’s health.

The gaping holes have been left unfixed for two years

Damp and mould issues have developed due to the holes

Speaking to Belfast Live, Roisin, said: “I cannot bear the thought of having to have another Christmas in a house like this. Just thinking about it has me on the edge of a breakdown, my mental health is ruined living here.

“We basically live our entire lives in my bedroom because of the damp. Nobody should have to live like this.

“It is two years since the ceiling collapsed the first time and the second time I was at the sink doing the dishes when everything fell on top of me giving me a black eye.

“As a result we have an exposed waste pipe above our kitchen and it was left covered in urine.

The ceiling collapsed multiple times

“Can you imagine trying to live your life with something like this. I am trying to raise a young family and I have no kitchen that I am able to use to get kids ready for school in the morning or make tea. You are not able to do anything in the house because it will just get ruined.

“I have been on antibiotics constantly due to the health problems that this has given us and we have been waiting years for someone to fix this as we are not able to do it ourselves.

“It was meant to have been done two years ago originally but things were delayed by the pandemic and nothing has been done to sort it since.”

Radius Housing has apologised for the delay in repairs being carried out on the property and will be making repairs as a matter of urgency in the coming days.

A spokesperson for Radius Housing said “Our contractor is scheduled to visit this property to prepare it for all necessary repairs on Wednesday December 1. After the initial repairs were made there was a delay in undertaking the plasterwork and other remedial works due to restrictions brought on by covid and subsequently by issues accessing the property.

“We understand the frustration the delay in completing these repairs has brought and we apologise for that. We are ensuring that this work is being undertaken as a matter of urgency.”

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