Mum’s horror after Uber drives off with son, 2, as she runs ‘like madwoman’ after him


Toddler Theo was sat in the back of the Uber as his mum got out to collect his buggy from the boot. As she popped the pram on the kerb the car pulled away with the boy still inside

Gleiciane and son Theo are glad to be back together

A pregnant mum was left in shock after her Uber driver drove away with her toddler son, two, still sat in the back of the car.

Gleiciane Gloria said her whole world stopped for a second as she watched the car leave with her precious child inside, and she was filled with panic.

The mum had taken the Uber from her parents home in Chingford, Essex, with her son Theo, and once they pulled up outside her home in Newham, East London, she went to get his pram from the boot.

But after putting the buggy on the kerb, she closed the boot and the car immediately took off.

Despite being in early pregnancy, the mum gave chase after the car and she said he ran until she was exhausted.

Ms Gloria told the Mirror: “I was in panic, the whole world stopped for a second then I started running like a maniac.

The two-year-old was driven away from his mum in the back of the taxi



His terrified mum ran after the car



“There were no other cars around that I could flag down, so I just kept running.”

The mum could see the car ahead and even chased it down the next road but eventually couldn’t go on.

“I just kept thinking I was never going to see him again, I could lose him forever. I went back home and screamed to my partner, ‘Theo’s gone, Theo’s gone’.”

Ms Gloria’s partner Stuart was at home taking a nap when he was woken up to the terrible news.

He quickly tried to contact the driver through the Uber app and eventually managed to make speak to him.

Stuart said: “The driver said he was on his way back to us. If we didn’t get hold of him, we would have called the police.”

The driver arrived back with little Theo happily unaware of his parents’ concern.

Dad Stuart added: “Glacie was too shocked to speak to him, the driver just said he didn’t realize there was a child in the back.

“He apologized, but he should have checked. He knew he had made a mistake.”

Ms Gloria added: “It may have been only five minutes or so, but it felt like five hours, like forever.

“I just didn’t understand how the driver didn’t see me running down the road like a madwoman.”

Speaking about the moment she was reunited with her boy, she added: “He looked a bit confused, he was probably thinking what’s going on here.

“I just felt so blessed and grateful that he was back and was safe.”

Ms Gloria said that the incident was traumatic and she now worries about Theo going missing every time she arrives back on home street

She added that she always gets Theo out first now and would rather take a few extra minutes getting the pram out after the scary incident.

The Mirror has contacted Uber for comment.

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