Mum’s heartbreaking last words to son after he was stabbed to death in 2-minute fight

Mother Kirsty Hall told her son, Josh, he was ‘not coming back’ from his injuries and that she ‘would be okay’, before he died of six stab wounds in hospital

Josh, pictured, died in hospital the day after the two minute confrontation
Josh, pictured, died in hospital the day after the two minute confrontation

A mother has shared her devastating last words to her young son stabbed to death in a two-minute confrontation, promising him she would be “okay”.

Harley Demmon, 16, killed Josh Hall after arranging to meet him to “sort out their differences” following earlier hostility between the two.

Gloucester Crown Court heard Demmon took a knife with him concealed in his waistband to the meeting on the afternoon of April 16 last year.

Josh, 17, was stabbed six times during the confrontation, which lasted just two minutes and took place in front of other teenagers.

He died the following day in a Bristol hospital.

Demmon, of Church Road, Cam, Dursley denied murder but was convicted by a jury last November.

The teenager, who was aged 15 at the time, told the court that he was trying to “warn” Josh away with the knife, and that he “didn’t mean to stab him.”

Harley Demmon, 16, has been detained for life after being found guilty of murder



Josh Hall, 17, was stabbed six times by Harley Demmon who arrived at their confrontation armed with a knife



Josh’s mother Kirsty Hall said she would never forgive Demmon for what he had done.

She said: “It took under one minute for our whole life to be blown up into a million pieces.

“We were waiting in the hospital and telling him he couldn’t leave us and he must stay and fight and fight he did for 11 hours.

“My last words to Josh were, ‘You hurt so much and you are not coming back from this.

“‘Go and be with your sister, I promise it will be okay’.

A photo issued by Gloucestershire Police of the knife used on Josh Hall



“This moment will haunt me forever, seeing my little boy lying on a bed surrounded by tubes.

“You decimated our family and changed the course of my family’s life forever.

“I do not accept your apology, I will never find forgiveness in my heart for what you did.”

James Dawes QC, prosecuting, told the court: “He could not have known what was about to unfold because Harley Demmon had a knife concealed in his waistband.

“He had worked himself up before he left home, and he had taken that knife with him.

“When the pushing and pulling started he took out the knife and stabbed Josh to death.”

The knife was discovered near the scene of the confrontation


Gloucestershire Constabulary / S SWNS)

Edward Brown QC, defending, said Demmon had demonstrated remorse in the aftermath of the murder.

He added: “It is very unusual to encounter a young person who has committed murder who uses a telephone to ring the police, state where he could be found and point the police in the direction to where the knife could be found.

“While in custody shown genuine remorse and distress to what had happened that day.”

The judge, Justice Chamberlain, imposed a life sentence with a minimum term of 14 years.

The case was heard in Gloucester Crown Court



He said: “You were teenagers in Gloucestershire, but you spoke in the patois of urban gangsters.

“I hope that, once you have had the opportunity to reflect properly on what you did, and to process it, the qualities that others have seen in you will come to the fore.”

Detective Superintendent John Turner, who led the investigation, said: “The death of a young person in these circumstances has had a huge impact but there has been a continued sense of willingness from the community of all ages to engage with the police, which enabled the investigation team to understand and present what had happened to the jury.

“This ultimately resulted in them reaching the guilty verdict and I hope that this will allow the Hall family to have some form of closure in knowing that their son’s killer is behind bars.”

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