Mum’s council house infested with slugs and so cold that hands turned blue

A mum who moved into a council house to give her family a fresh start has been waiting for repairs for two years in a slug infested, damp home.

Ms Johnson said the conditions are so grim that the youngest of her three daughters is too scared to sleep in her own room over fears of slugs and spiders getting in.

The bugs swarm the home through huge gaps in her front and patio doors, which also let in the wind and rain, Hull Live reports.

The ill-fitted doors mean Ms Johnson and her three daughters were left in freezing conditions throughout the winter, with the draft so bad that her arthritic hands turned blue.

After notifying the council of this problem and other issues, Ms Johnson claims she had no choice but to seek court action.

The council were given 56 working days to fix the repairs, with a deadline of April 30, but the work has still not begun.

The repairs extend beyond just the leaky doors.

The mum-of-three has also got a faulty roof, problems with her chimney, cracked bricks and damp outside and inside the property – none of which have been fixed.

Slugs and spiders swarm into the house through gaps in the patio doors.

Miss Johnson said: “My youngest daughter has her bedroom downstairs and the problem with the doors means she’s too afraid to sleep in her own room.

“Because of the gaps, we’ve had a slug infestation in our living room, with a lot of huge spiders entering too, which terrifies her. The doors don’t keep the rain out and our carpet gets absolutely soaked when it’s bad weather , which we were told is normal.

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“My daughter’s room was full of damp and I financed the repairs myself because the council were taking too long. It is a rented property so it should not fall on me to take all of this work on. My daughter has been sleeping in my room instead.”

The ill-fitting patio doors that are not water-tight.
The ill-fitting patio doors that are not water-tight.

Speaking on the lowest points in the last two years, she continued: “Winter was an absolute nightmare and it was freezing. I wrapped myself in several layers, socks and had a blanket over me while I waited for my daughter to come home from school because I couldn’t afford to have the heating on all the time.

“I have arthritis and my hands went completely blue. This was all because we had a constant draft coming in through the doors. Through lockdown, nobody was allowed to come out to us so we just had to live like this”

The carpet around the door is wet and breeds damp.
The carpet around the door is wet and breeds damp.

Ms Johnson wants nothing more to be able to decorate her house and make it into a real home but can’t until the repairs are complete.

She said: “We moved here for a fresh start and to make it a nice and comfortable place to live but it’s turned into an absolute nightmare. I want to be able to give the place a coat of paint but until the doors are water- tight, it will just get ruined.

“I’m disabled and suffer with bad anxiety so this has put me under a lot of mental stress. I feel like I’m just being ignored and dismissed and the work won’t be done to a good standard, if at all. “

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All these claims were put to the East Riding of Yorkshire Council. A spokesperson told Hull Live: “The council are aware of the concerns that Ms Johnson has regarding outstanding repair issues to the property. We are working with Ms Johnson to rectify any repairs issues that are considered necessary as quickly as possible.”

As the repairs have not been completed in the timeframe of 56 working days outlined by the court, Miss Johnson has reconvened with her solicitor to discuss her next steps.

The council did not comment on any legal matters.

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