Mum whose house is ‘absolutely covered’ in damp and mould fears for young kids’ health

Erin lives in a property owned by Preston Road Women’s Centre, operating as Winner Trading Ltd with her two young children, but she worries that the nightmare conditions may impact their health

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Hull: Shock footage shows damp and mould in house

A mum living in a house ‘absolutely covered’ in mould and damp fears for the health of her two young children.

The concerned mum-of-two, Erin, whose name has been changed to protect her identity, lives with her five-year-old son and baby daughter in Hull.

Their family house has been devoured in damp and mould, and she has been raising the issues with her landlord for almost two years, Hull Live reports.

In January 2020, she first notified Preston Road Women’s Centre, operating as Winner Trading Ltd, of the significant issue in her home, but not date the matter remains unsolved.

Erin has even had a number of visits from Hull City Council’s environmental health team who said that if the repairs are not made, action may be taken by the council.

Hull City Council said that they would take action if the landlord did not take the matter seriously, but the issue remains unresolved


Donna Clifford)

Speaking to Hull Live on her behalf, Erin’s partner, Chris, whose name has also been changed, said: “The house is absolutely covered in damp and mould, that’s the worst thing about it.

“It’s in the bathroom, both bedrooms and the living room.

Every single wall in the front, living room has it.

“It’s damaged furniture and even damaged a TV unit.

“My partner messages quite often and gets blanked.”

Erin and her two young children living in house with ‘damp on every wall’


Donna Clifford)

According to Chris, the landlord has made no attempt to repair the problem, and two years, the family are frustrated and concerned.

He said: “What they told us to do was to wipe it down.

“But we have done that once and it just comes straight back.”

Erin hopes to move into a council property in order to escape the nightmare living conditions and to live with Chris, but so far, she has not had much luck in securing a property.

The couple are anxious that being trapped in the property may have long-term health impacts on the two young children.

“I’ve also been in contact with environmental health from Hull City Council,” Chris added.

“They’ve visited twice already and are set to visit again this month.

Chris said that environmental health last visited in November and had made recommendations to the landlords, Winner Trading Ltd, to take action on the issues with the property.

Erin hopes to move into council accommodation to escape the poor conditions, but she has not been able to so far


Donna Clifford)

Preston Road Women’s Centre said: “In line with the schedule of works issued by the local authority environmental health office, Winner Trading investigated the cause of the damp.

“Some remedial works have already been done at the property, we have identified there are further works required which will be implemented.”

A Hull City Council spokeswoman confirmed that members of environmental health had visited the property and said: “The council inspected the property in July and identified a schedule of work required by the landlord, Winner Trading Ltd, to improve the accommodation.

“A further visit recently showed that improvements were underway but a number of the scheduled items identified in the previous visit remained unaddressed, therefore a further visit has been arranged for later this month.

“If the work hasn’t been completed, the council will take appropriate formal enforcement action under the Housing Act 2004.”

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