Mum whose baby died at Shrewsbury Hospital claims midwives ‘refused to see her’

Steph Hotchkiss says if midwives had noticed her placenta abruption earlier her baby Sophiya would not have died. She was left for 45 minutes while a handover was completed

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Royal Shrewsbury Hospital: Mother recalls being left for ’45 minutes’

A woman whose newborn baby died at the Royal Shrewsbury Hospital has said she was left alone for more than 45 minutes after being rushed in almost two months before her due date.

Steph Hotchkiss’ midwife sent her to hospital in September 2014, as she was experiencing extreme pain and had been considered high risk due to a placental abruption in a previous birth.

When she arrived, Steph claims midwives refused to see her because ‘they were busy doing handover’ and ignored her concerns that she was facing another placental abruption.

She said she sent her husband back to find help after 45 minutes, who found them chatting and drinking tea.

Steph appeared on Good Morning Britain this morning after failings at the Shrewsbury and Telford Hospital NHS Trust came to light yesterday following the publication of the Ockenden review.

The report revealed that 201 babies and nine mothers died needlessly.

Steph Hotchkiss with baby Sophia

Steph spoke out about the loss of her daughter Sophia.

She said: “They put me in a room at the back and left me there for 45 minutes.

“My husband went down to the midwife station on several occasions and they were just sat there sipping tea and wouldn’t come and see me.”

When pushed as to why staff were unable to check on his wife she claims they said they were too busy handing over medical notes from one team to another.

Donna Ockenden, the former senior midwife leading an independent inquiry into baby deaths



“I think my gut was telling me there was something wrong but you’re supposed to trust them I just took her word for it.”

Staff eventually realized that Steph had an abruption and she was rushed to theater, where Sophiya was born.

The infant had a faint heartbeat but later died due to lack of oxygen to her brain.

Donna Ockenden, who wrote the report into almost 1,600 incidents at the trust, is due to meet Steph.

The mum added: “For me personally I still don’t have all the answers.

Steph Hotchkiss spoke out



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‘I’m hoping when I have a meeting with Donna Ockenden I can get those answers.

“Everyone I have always spoken to has agreed they had seen me when I first came in Sophiya would still be here now.

“I feel incredible pain at the level of statistics. The level of failure is shocking and I really, really hope the things Donna has put into place are acted upon so standards don’t slip back.”

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