Mum who caught Covid while pregnant feared she would die before miracle 27-week baby

Paige Bliss, 25, of Birmingham, welcomed baby Miley home just in time for Christmas after being rushed to intensive care with the virus

Paige Bliss, 25, and her daughter Miley
Paige Bliss, 25, at home with her miracle three-month-old baby Miley

A first time mum who caught Coid while pregnant was forced to have her baby at just 27 weeks.

Paige Bliss, 25, spent five days in intensive care but her condition worsened and she was told she could die as her daughter Miley was taking all her nutrients and extra oxygen.

The beautician, from Birmingham, West Midlands, underwent an emergency C-section in August but was unable to meet her newborn until she recovered from the highly infectious virus.

After spending nine weeks in the newborn intensive care unit (ICU), 16-week-old Miley is set to celebrate her first Christmas at home.

Paige said: “I have no idea how I caught the virus but I suddenly had a runny nose and flu-like symptoms.

“After five days, I was breathless so I rang 111 who called me an ambulance. My oxygen was low and I began to get worse.

Three-month-old Miley is set to celebrate her first Christmas at home



“Within two days, I was in intensive care and the doctors began to question what to do with the baby.”

Paige was given a c-pap mask but her condition did not improve.

Doctors said if she did not deliver her baby, she could die as she was not able to take any medication due to her pregnancy.

“I was reluctant at first and more worried about my unborn baby than myself but I had no choice,” she said.

Paige agreed to an emergency C-section after five days in ICU and her daughter was born on August 27 weighing the same as a carton of milk at 2lb 5oz.

Miley was born by C-section



She added: “I was so scared in case something bad happened to her.

“I was put to sleep for the C-section so I didn’t even see her nor meet her for a whole week after.

“I was put on a ventilator straight after her birth then I had to wait until I recovered from the virus.

“It was the worst thing ever.”

Her partner Mason Taylor, 25, was at Miley’s side who was in and out of critical care.

Paige spent two days in intensive care while on a ventilator



He printed off pictures for the first time mum but she admitted fearing they may not bond.

“I was worried in case I wouldn’t be able to bond with her but thankfully we bonded straight away,” Paige said.

“My heart was so full from the moment I held her. She was so poorly and there were machines everywhere.”

Miley was on a ventilator from birth as she had sticky lungs.

She underwent two blood transfusions during her nine-week stay at Heartlands and Good Hope hospital in Birmingham.

Miley was using all nutrients and extra oxygen



Paige said: “I feel lucky that Miley and I are both alive. She frightened us a few times as she was so small and fragile.

“She had some breathing problems but she was determined to get better.”

Miley’s due date was November 21 and she was the same size as a coke bottle when she was born.

“She is still tiny and weighs 6lb 10oz but she is doing fine,” she added.

“She wears tiny baby clothes and there is a chance she may develop a little slower, but she is here and that is all that matters.

“Mason and I are so excited for our first Christmas as a three.”

Miley, who spent nine weeks in hospital



After the traumatic experience, Paige praised the ‘amazing’ staff at the hospitals for their care.

She said: “The ICU staff and all the neonatal staff are incredible Miley wouldn’t be here without them.

“I think everyone should research the vaccine fully themselves and make their own decisions.

“But I do encourage pregnant women to be more careful and shield as much as possible.”

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