Mum slams at Amazon after daughter’s Christmas present delivered in clear packaging

Tina Booth, 52 was furious when her daughter’s Christmas present was delivered in clear packaging and her daughter saw the item which ruined the surprise

Tina Booth, 52 had bought her daughter a hairdryer for Christmas, but the packaging blew the surprise
Tina Booth, 52 had bought her daughter a hairdryer for Christmas, but the packaging blew the surprise

A mum has slammed Amazon after her daughter’s Christmas present was delivered in clear packaging and ruined the surprise.

Tina Booth, 52 had bought her daughter – who was in her 20s – a hairdryer as a Christmas gift.

However, her daughter had found the package after it was delivered and was able to see what it was.

The £41 Remington Hairdryer had arrived with two other parcels, but they were wrapped in cardboard whereas the hairdryer came in see-through packaging.

Tina, from Stoke, was furious after her daughter saw the hairdryer in the front porch.

Stoke-on-Trent Live reports that Tina has since received an apology from Amazon, and they gave her a £40 goodwill gesture.

The clear parcel was delivered alongside two other Amazon ones, but they were wrapped in cardboard



Tina said: “My daughter is disappointed that she has found out what her Christmas present is from us.

“Two of the packages were in Amazon boxes and one was in a clear plastic bag so it was obvious what it was.

“I contacted Amazon to find out why it had been sent like that.

“In my opinion, it is the company’s fault for sending out items in see-through packaging. At this time of year, knowing it’s Christmas and knowing things have been going missing off people’s doorsteps, it’s obvious that if something of that value is sitting there it won’t stay there for that long.”

Amazon told Tina that she should have selected the gift wrap option at the checkout to guarantee that the gift would come in in a cardboard box.

But, Tina had bought the hairdryer through the quick buy option.

Tina added: “We were on a timescale so we clicked the quick-swipe option and the gift option didn’t come up.

“The biggest issue is that it was left in an unwrapped state on the porch. I didn’t know you had to tick the gift option. It didn’t come up as a warning.

“For everything I buy I’ve now got to double check how it’s wrapped and go through all the checkouts even though I am not having it gift wrapped.

“I was still arguing and they told me it’s their policy to be environmentally friendly and reduce packaging. But they contradicted themselves because they sent two parcels in cardboard and the other one in a plastic bag, how is that environmentally friendly?

“They could’ve put all three things in one box and that would’ve solved the problem.”

Tina added: “It was our daughter’s only present this year because we are financially struggling, everybody is. We said it was going to be a small Christmas. It’s not like it was a pair of socks sitting there.

“They said the only other thing you could do is return it but if I returned it she’s not going to have what she has asked for and will be doubly disappointed.

“She is old enough to pass it off but the thing is it’s about the principle of the fact and it might have been a young child’s gift or it might have been stolen.

Amazon have offered her a £40 goodwill gesture


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“Be careful because this could happen to you. You could leave something really expensive and you haven’t thought about it.

“I’ve spent thousands of pounds on Amazon, it’s one of the main places where I shop. I do spend a lot there and this is the first time I’ve received anything that’s come like that.

“Now I’d tell others not to use quick swipe and make sure everything is ticked as a gift because even if it’s not a gift it could be left on your doorstep in an unwrapped state.

“I expect the products to be in boxes because you don’t know whether you are going to be in or who is going to pick it up.”

An Amazon spokesperson said: “We offer customers the option to conceal their product at no cost by selecting “Ship in Amazon Packaging” at the checkout.

“Amazon continually works on behalf of customers to reduce and minimize the amount of packaging materials we use under our Frustration-Free Packaging Programme.

“As part of the programme we have worked with manufacturers around the world to design their products to ship in their own packaging without the need for additional packaging.

“Smaller and lighter packages mean Amazon can pack more orders into each delivery, resulting in fewer trips and less fuel used — all of which minimise our carbon footprint.

“Since 2015, we have reduced the weight of outbound packaging per shipment by 36% and eliminated over 1 million tons of packaging material, the equivalent of over 2 billion shipping boxes.”

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