Mum shares sick daughter’s concerning Covid-test footage showing two different results


Wanting to be sure the child was Covid-free, the parent from Hull, Yorkshire, made her take an older and newer version of the test but was stunned after two very different results showed

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Worrying footage of Covid tests showing different results

A worried mum says her daughter tested both positive and negative for coronavirus inside a few minutes.

It comes as it emerged there are no PCR Covid test slots left available anywhere across England today.

The parents says the teen took the “old-style” test where you had to swab the back of your throat and nose.

The 15-year-old recorded a negative result but the woman, identified only at Jo, decided to make sure, HullLive report.

Moments after, the “newer” version where only a nose swab is required gave a positive result.

The girl, from Hull, Yorkshire, was later confirmed to have the virus by a PCR.

The teenager tested positive and negative within the space of a few minutes, it has been claimed


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Jo slammed the earlier Covid tests handed out by schools and pharmacies and says it’s clear why the virus is rife in schools.

She posted the footage on social media after her daughter kept returning negative results despite having the virus.

Jo said: “It is just really worrying because they’re coming home with these tests that we have to do and it doesn’t even look like they’re working at all.

“We’re testing everyday to make sure we can stop the spread but if it can’t tell you you’ve got Covid when its been confirmed by a PCR it is a concern.

“How many parents are only using these and sending the kids in even if they’ve got a bit of a sniffle? It’s no wonder you hear about it spreading through the schools so quickly.”

The mum wants to alert other parents after she recorded two very different results



Jo said: “The tests had been negative but she was still feeling rubbish, even then I was helping her get ready for school on the Wednesday.

“Then the PCR result came through and I was shocked, I’d heard the lateral flows could be inaccurate but I thought one of the three she had taken would have worked.

“I’d heard from a friend that they had been negative on the old style ones but positive on the new ones so I decided to try it out.

“I thought they must have been doing the test wrong or contaminating the swab or something but it looks like they were right.

“Everytime I did it, it was the same result. Negative on the old ones but positive on the new, I even left them a bit to see if that changed the result but it didn’t.”

Thankfully, Jo’s daughter has now continued to test negative for the virus but said she wouldn’t trust the old tests again.

The latest study on lateral flow tests from the University College London found that LFTs were 80 per cent effective at detecting any level of Covid-19 infection.

The research shows they are more than 90 per cent effective at detecting those with the highest levels of viral load.

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