Mum outraged after £400 lodge was ‘filthy holiday accommodation from hell’


A mum has been left outraged after arriving at the “holiday accommodation from hell”, which is covered in dust and has stains on the toilet.

Seeking a mini getaway with her partner and their young child, the family booked a stay at a lodge for £400. Upon arrival, they have discovered that it does not look “as it was advertised” and is “filthy” with a string of damaged fixtures and fittings.

Taking to the popular Mumsnet thread ‘Am I Being Unreasonable’, the mum requested advice on how to handle the situation. She also inquired as to whether or not she was being unreasonable to leave and request a full refund.

Liverpool Echo reports that in a post entitled ‘Holiday accommodation from hell! AIBU (am I being unreasonable)?’, the mum wrote: “My partner, myself and our toddler have gone on a weekend away five hours from home. We picked a lovely lodge with a hot tub. Well, we’ve arrived and it’s awful.

“It’s not a lodge, it’s a cottage which is also fine but not as advertised. But that isn’t the issue – the hot tub is around the side of the building with the jets not working, the cot they’ve put in the bedroom is broken, there is dust absolutely everywhere and the bathroom is filthy (last person’s toilet stains still there), no plug for the bath, there’s an upstairs bit with flimsy railing so I don’t want my toddler upstairs, the oven is broken , there is a random freezer in the living room and the Wifi doesn’t work.

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“I might seem to be overreacting here (and please tell me if I am) but £400 for this, and that’s a lot of money to us. We wanted a relaxing weekend away with local things to do for our toddler – which there thankfully is – but I just want to go home.

“I’ve contacted the owner who is rejecting my calls and has ignored my message, I’ve contacted the third party we booked through who are telling me to get in touch with the owner, and it’s too late to travel back home now. AIBU [am I being unreasonable] to leave tomorrow and ask for a full refund, or shall I just suck it up and get on with the weekend?”

The mum’s post was met with a string of replies from fellow Mumsnet users, keen to share their thoughts.

One Mumsnet user suggested: “Take lots of photos and write down the issues so you can send to the site you booked on. Were there photos when you booked? Is it the same place?”

The mum replied that there were photos “but definitely in its ‘better days’ and lots of model shots.” She added: “And from the way the pictures were angled it looked like a lodge with decking and a hot tub. It’s a trusted third party and we’ve booked through them before and had a lovely stay, but feel like this is taking the mick.”

Another Mumsnet user commented: “It’s pretty cheap but that still doesn’t justify the things you have listed. Take lots of photos and escalate it, it’s pretty disgraceful.”

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A third said: “That’s just awful! As above have suggested then move to a Travel Lodge.”

Another said: “YANBU [you are not being unreasonable] I agree with the advice take photos of everything and make notes. Then demand your money back. The hot tub doesn’t work if there’s no jets. Does the oven function etc?”

A fifth added: “Do not rely on phone calls. Email everyone several times cc everyone, to say you’re p***ed off, with photos and do it right now so it’s timestamped. It doesn’t have to be fancy , just do it.You can compose a proper request for a refund when you get home, but make sure there is a clear record that you complained at the earliest opportunity, and mention that your calls are being rejected.”

At the time of writing, 98% of Mumsnet users voted the mum was not being unreasonable to leave the holiday home and request a full refund.

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