Mum-of-two with just ‘months’ to live desperate to get to ‘last chance’ clinic in Mexico


Stacy Price, 38, from Reading, Berkshire, had her world turned upside down when she was diagnosed with a rare and aggressive form of cervical cancer six months ago

Stacy has been receiving chemotherapy in hospital but the cancer and treatment combined has left her completely debilitated

The family of a mum with months to live have begged strangers to help her get to a clinic in Mexico in a “last chance” bid to save her.

Stacy Watkins, 38, was told she had “months” to live when she was diagnosed with a rare and aggressive cervical cancer, which had already spread to her liver and pelvis, last October.

The devastating blow was made even more horrific when partner, Dan, 41, discovered a tumor on his spine, leaving their two children terrified.

Now, with the mum-of-two crippled by chemo and unable to walk, the family, from Reading, Berkshire have issued an urgent GoFundMe appeal to help them raise £90,000 to fly to Mexico in a last ditch chance at saving her.

Dan told The Mirror: “This could be her last shot. When she was diagnosed six months ago, they told us that she had ‘months left to live and more months with treatment’ so we are on a time limit here.

Stacy’s family are desperate to get her to the Hope 4 Cancer clinic in Mexico but they need £90,000

“In that time she has taken a real nose dive, the chemo is so gruelling on her body that she can’t walk anymore, she can sleep for 20 hours and still feel tired, and she’s in so much pain it can hurt just to hold a glass of water to her lips.

“It’s heart breaking to watch her go through all this because she is the rock of the family she is the one that has kept us strong throughout everything we have already been through.”

The family have already lived through years of life-threatening illnesses, after both their children, Hayden, 18, and Tia, 15, were born with crippling heart defects.

The family have already faced trauma when their children were both diagnosed with crippling heart defects at birth

Tia needed a transplant and Hayden needed a pacemaker after they were diagnosed with congenital complete heart blocks – a disruption of the nerve system which regulates the pumping of the heart.

More recently, the couple were also helping their own parents battle cancer but had coped thanks to “supermum” Stacy who has been the “rock” of the family.

But after a routine blood test came back suspicious in October, doctors performed more tests and diagnosed the mum with a neuroendocrine tumor on her cervix.

The type of tumor is particularly rare and dangerous because it affects the cells which release essential hormones into the body.

Stacy Watkins and Dan Price with their children Hayden, 18 and Tia, 15

In the following weeks, the family were served a double blow when Dan’s backpain turned out to be a complicated tumor on his spine, for which he is still awaiting biopsy results to see if it is benign or cancerous.

Speaking to The Mirror after launching their appeal last month, Dan said: “It’s literally been a whirlwind of a life, it’s coming at us from every single angle.

“One of these things to happen in a lifetime is bad enough but all of the things happening at the same time, it’s like living in your own horror movie.”

Now the family have found a promising alternative treatment plan at the Hope 4 Cancer clinic in Mexico, where Dan says medics have already had success with Stacy’s type of cancer.

Stacy has a last chance hope in Mexico

‘Wonder mum’ Stacy has been a rock to everyone else in the family, but now she has been struck down with terminal cancer

The £90,000 target would pay for her flights, accommodation, immunotherapy, supplements and return visits for check ups.

He added: “It would mean everything to give Stacey this chance to live longer.

“All the kids want is their mum back and it’s so frustrating that I can’t give them any certainty,

“As a family we have never asked for anything, we have just got one with it but now we are begging anyone and everyone to help us do everything we can to save Stacy.”

To donate to Stacy’s GoFundMe click here

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