Mum-of-four, 33, with terminal cancer believes supplements are keeping her alive

Hannah Hocking, 33, from Plymouth, Devon, has terminal melanoma cancer but believes home-medicated supplements may be helping to keep her alive

Hannah Hocking believes supplements maybe helping to keep her alive

A mum-of-four young boys who has been diagnosed with terminal cancer says nutritional supplements are helping to keep her alive.

Hannah Hocking was pregnant when she received the devastating stage four diagnosis that she had cancer in her leg in 2018.

The 33-year-old was able to give birth before surgeons removed the cancerous cells from her shin, but due to the disease spreading she also had lymph nodes taken from her groin gland.

The brave mum, from Plymouth, Devon, was then declared cancer free but in September 2021 she was diagnosed with melanoma cancer, reports PlymouthLive.

A fundraiser has been set up by long-term friend Lee Paddock to help her create special memories with her loved ones and pay for supplements such as kale powder and manuka honey.

She believes the additives are keeping her alive.

Hannah was bed-bound for months due to chronic pain and was referred to Rowcroft Hospice in Torquay.

The mum-of-four wants to stay alive long enough to complete her bucket list


Hannah Hocking)

Hannah wants to take her four boys on holiday


Hannah Hocking)

Over her two-month stay she was helped to walk again.

Pal Lee has known the young mum for 10 years and said he wants to make her wish of spending the rest of her life making happy memories for her kids come true.

Hannah’s sons are aged four, seven, 14 and 16.

One of her dreams is to take her family abroad for the first time ever, as well as learn to drive so she can get a mobility car.

She also wants to be able to keep using her home-supplements daily, which is costly.

Hannah recalled how she found a lump and “acted quickly on it” and ending up moving to the hospice because her pain was so bad.

She hopes to raise £10,000


Hannah Hocking)

She explained: “I’m taking 30 tablets everyday. I have to take 19 at night and 12 in the morning.

“Six of them being massive chemo tablets – there’s nine chemo tablets at night and three in the morning.

“It’s a lot,” she said.

“I am fit, healthy, don’t smoke. I stopped drinking years ago, changed my life and got a job, then this cancer appeared. It has completely destroyed my life and I have four children.”

The GoFundMe page has so far raised £770 of a £10,000 target.

Hannah said of a potential holiday: “I want to go away for a few weeks because it will be the only holiday we will be able to get.

“I don’t want to have to worry about money when we are on holiday and want to give them the best holiday they’ve had. I’m hoping to live longer than two years on my home-medicated supplements.

“I have been doing a lot of research and a lot of terminally ill cancer patients are still alive 10 years later because they home-medicated on greens.”

Hannah said she uses a kale powder for a daily drink, vitamins, manuka honey, and pomegranate -which is an antioxidant- and when she had a scan, she said the doctor was impressed with how the cancer treatment has worked.

She feels the home supplements possibly contributed to her progress and wants to continue taking them.

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