Mum horrified after tot returns home from nursery with cuts and bruises

A mum was horrified when she was called to her son Jenson’s nursery on his first day and was told that he had fallen off his chair and was bleeding from a cut on his head.

Ellie Wallis, 22, took her 18-month-old tot to Butterflies Nursery on February 1. It was his first day at nursery.

In the afternoon, the nursery in Hedon, Hull, called her and told her that her son had fallen off a chair and needed to be picked up, Hull Live reports.

When Ellie arrived at the nursery, she noticed that Jenson had a cut on his head.

She said: “When they called me, they could not even remember his name. I arrived and I was given a brief explanation that he had flipped his chair and banged his head on a cabinet. His head was still bleeding when they passed him back take.

Jenson had a cut on his head
Jenson had a cut on his head

“I was in a panic state so I took him and when we came home, I realized I had not been given an accident report.

“He then went to bed and when he woke up the next day, I saw that he had three bruises on the back of his neck.

“As soon as I saw them, I called them and asked what it was and where it came from but they said maybe a child had grabbed him, but I don’t think a child could have done that.”

After Ellie made an Ofsted complaint and emailed the nursery manager, she was invited to a meeting where the classroom was set out in the same manner it had been in when Jensen was injured.

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The three bruises that appeared on Jenson's neck the next day
The three bruises that appeared on Jenson’s neck the next day

“There was a steady chair and they told us it was made by this company that specializes in safety. They said Jensen had been rocking his chair back and forth so they pulled him away from the table to avoid him banging his head on the table, but pointed him outward so it was in front of the corner of the cabinet.

“He’s never done that at home, I think he would not have been rocking his chair unless he was extremely extremely distressed.”

After leaving the meeting, Ellie said she was not satisfied with the nursery’s response. She added that while she understands accidents can happen, it does not explain why her one-year-old de ella returned with bruises and cuts on the first day of nursery.

“He’s only 18-months, I don’t understand how he would have the force or power in him to be able to flip back this steady chair.”

Ellie added the incident has deeply upset her and she will not be taking Jenson to the nursery again.

Clair Burn, director of Butterflies Nursery, said: “We are fully aware of the accident that took place in the nursery earlier this week and have been in regular contact with the parents of the child and staff at the setting have all been deeply upset.

“We have robust safety and safeguarding policies in place at the setting and when the accident took place they were implemented immediately.

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Butterflies have been in the community for over 12 years and have had a positive influence on many children and families who have stepped through our doors.

“Working in early years is not a job, it is a vocation and our team is made up of an amazing group of people who go above and beyond to make sure all the children in the setting are safe and well-cared for each day. “

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