Mum furious as school forces daughter to eat lunch outside in the ‘freezing’ cold

Louise Easton was horrified to hear pupils at Merseyside school Woodchurch High were forced to eat outside in 3C conditions on Friday, something the Headteacher claims is in place to control Covid

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An angry mum has slammed her daughter’s school after pupils were forced to eat lunch outside in freezing cold conditions.

Woodchurch High School in Wirral, Merseyside, stressed they have taken the steps to prevent an outbreak of Covid.

But parents feel they have gone too far and say children have even been refused entry to the toilet, the LiverpoolEcho report.

Mums and dads only became aware of the policy last week, and are now demanding a re-think.

Louise Easton says she was horrified by the discovery and says the “extreme” measures have crossed a line.

The 38-year-old said: “I found out about this because my daughter is in year 7 and she told me this was happening.

Parents are furious after finding out their children were forced to eat lunch as temperatures plummeted


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“It got really bad on Friday I think when the weather was extremely cold and wet and all the children were told to get their lunch, go to the toilet and then go outside and they wouldn’t be allowed to go back in – even though the weather was extreme.

“My daughter has been moaning for quite a while but the weather wasn’t too bad so I didn’t think anything of it, but on Friday it was absolutely disgusting and they still had to eat outside.”

Louise said her daughter has told her how teachers “guard” the doors at lunch time and “refuse” pupils entry – even in the event they need to use the bathroom.

“It makes my blood boil thinking about all the kids standing outside freezing,” she went on.

The school made the decision due to Covid concerns (stock photo)


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“They’re being denied their human rights to use a bathroom.

“It’s absolutely heart-breaking and it actually makes me feel like I don’t want her to go to that school anymore.”

In a statement, Rebecca Phillips, the Headteacher of Woodchurch High School, explained the policy is in place to control the likelihood of a Covid outbreak.

She said: “Our children’s education and health is at the core of all our decisions and we are mindful that many of our pupils have had to spend periods of time at home isolating with Covid-19 or due to close contact of a positive case.

“This is a situation which we are trying to avoid.

“As part of our ongoing Health & Safety assessment, pupils have been assigned outdoor areas for break and lunch periods.

“These have been in place since pupils returned in September 2020 as the risk of Covid-19 transmission is dramatically reduced when pupils are in outside areas. There is also a variety of outdoor activities for pupils to access should they wish to.

“In cases of inclement weather, all pupils have been assigned supervised indoor areas which we have used on several occasions this year when the weather has necessitated.

“Pupils are permitted to use the toilets when necessary and other than the main access door to the school which remains closed for Safeguarding purposes, no doors are locked.”

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