Mum furious after sister-in-law lied about Christmas Covid test and infected family

A woman became enraged after finding out her sister-in-law had lied about having a negative Covid result before infecting 10 to 20 people at a family party on Christmas Day

A woman lied about her Covid test and infected between 10 and 20 family members at a Christmas party
A woman lied about her Covid test and infected between 10 and 20 family members at a Christmas party (stock photo)

A mum was furious with her sister-in-law who lied about a Covid test before their entire family became infected with the virus.

The sister-in-law, 41, is thought to have infected 10 to 20 people after visiting her boyfriend who was in quarantine on December 25.

The woman told Mumsnet that she, her husband, mum, brother and sister-in-law all produced positive test results after the family meal.

All of her sister-in-law’s flatmates and other family members were also infected, MyLondon reports.

The 41-year-old told relatives she had taken the test in the morning, but it was later revealed that she hadn’t tested since Wednesday last week.

The furious mum wrote: “It transpires that [sister-in-law] 2 is almost certainly the source.

The sister-in-law went to stay with her boyfriend while he was in Covid quarantine


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“She said she had tested negative on the morning of Christmas Day before she came to ours, but it now turns out she had not tested since last Wednesday.

“Her boyfriend has Covid and she has been visiting him whilst he is in isolation.

“She spent the whole day with us, as well as Boxing Day.

“No one else in the group has been in contact with the virus, my in-laws were isolating and paranoid about testing as [my mother-in-law] has an operation in the first week of January (which will be cancelled if she has Covid).

“My brother worked from home for a week before Christmas and didn’t meet anyone else, my mum only met with my household and my brother in the week before Christmas and sister-in-law 1 worked from home and didn’t meet anyone else in that week.

“[The sister-in-law’s] flatmates are also now all positive, it turns out she told them she was only visiting her parents, not her Covid isolating boyfriend, some of them now suspect that they have now spread it to their wider families as well.”

The woman went on to explain the knock-on effect of so many people in the family catching the virus had had.

She explained: “My [mother-in-law’s] operation next week will almost certainly be cancelled.

“My mum can’t risk going to the theatre tonight that she has been looking forward to for months.

“My brother is stuck at home for seven to ten days and can’t visit his best friends newborn son.

“My kids can not go to the special event tomorrow that they have been hyped for since we told them on Christmas day.

“[Sister-in-law] 1 was due to spend new year with friends and is now in isolation and [sister-in-law] 2’s flatmates all have to isolate and have potentially infected their families over Christmas.”

Despite the fall out, the woman claimed her sister-in-law was sticking her head in the sand.

She explained: “[Sister-in-law] 2 is coughing like a chain smoker but refuses to get a test and has this morning gone to see her Covid boyfriend again.

“She thinks she has done nothing wrong by lying about testing negative, infecting 10-20 people, I am absolutely fuming with her.”

Other mumsnet users were stunned the sister-in-law lied about the test


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Fellow Mumsnet users were quick to offer their support and views on the family situation.

One wrote: “Your poor [mother-in-law]. Unbelievably selfish from your [sister-in-law].”

While another added: “She’s selfish and is now reaping the consequences. If [your mother-in-law] misses her operation because of her selfishness then it might be a while before anyone speaks to her.”

A third said: “That is absolutely outrageous from her. Regardless whether she wasn’t concerned about catching it or not from her boyfriend to visit him whilst he had it knowing she was visiting family is awful.”

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