Mum furious after daughter is ‘told to take cheese sandwich out of bin and eat it’

Seteasha said she is taking her eight-year-old daughter Cianna-Rae out of Osborne Primary School after the incident, claiming “not even a dog gets treated like that”

Seteasha (left) is planning to take her eight-year-old daughter Cianna-Rae out of school, after she was told to eat a sandwhich she had thrown in the bin
Seteasha (left) is planning to take her eight-year-old daughter Cianna-Rae out of school following the incident

A furious mum is demanding an apology after her eight-year-old daughter was told to eat a sandwich she had thrown in the bin.

Cianna-Rae threw the cheese butty away because it was “tasteless”, but a member of staff at Osborne Primary School took it out and told her to finish it.

Her mother Seteasha, 31, from Birmingham, said she is “absolutely disgusted” and now looking to move her daughter to another school.

The primary school, run by the Arthur Terry Learning Partnership, said the girl had thrown a sandwich wrapped in cling film into a bin that was only for paper bags, not food waste.

Seteasha told Birmingham Live: “Not even a dog gets treated like that. Why was she told to take it out of the bin and eat it?

“The school hasn’t apologized. They just said the sandwiches were wrapped, therefore the food hadn’t been contaminated.

Cianna-Rae, 8, threw the cheese butty away because it was “tasteless”

“But, at the end of the day, it’s still a bin. There’s still bacteria on the outside of the packaging.”

The mother-of-one said there have been “previous issues” at the school and she is now eager to “get her out.”

A school spokesperson said: “We have taken the time to investigate after this concern was raised, to understand the circumstances and establish what can be learned in terms of improving the children’s lunchtime options and experience.

“We have also tried to keep the parents of all the children informed.

“The lunchtime supervisor became concerned that the children hadn’t eaten their lunch, which remained unopened. They had chosen cheese sandwiches, which are wrapped in clingfilm and placed inside individual paper bags.

““The school is required to wrap all sandwiches like this as a result of Natasha’s Law, which ensures that food cannot be contaminated. This means that the children’s sandwiches were in no way contaminated by other food.

“The bin in question is only used to deposit the individual paper bags in.

“However, as a result of the supervisor’s concern, we have identified that the choice of sandwiches on offer to these children was the root of the problem.

“We have now adapted the menu to provide specific sandwiches for them, to ensure they can have a lunch which they will enjoy.

“Osborne is committed to an inclusive policy which ensures everyone is treated equally and fairly regardless of gender, trans, race, ethnicity, culture, religion, sexual orientation, appearance, physical or mental disability.”

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