Mum fighting for life with sepsis after 32JJ breast implant explodes in shower

Sophie Anderson from Slough, Berks, says she was in the shower when the 32JJ silicone implant literally burst out of her chest, causing her to be rushed to hospital

Sophie and partner Damien are now engaged after the ordeal

Porn star Sophie Anderson has been left fighting for her life after one of her breast implants became infected and exploded.

The mum-of-four from Slough, Berks, claimed she was in the shower when the 32JJ silicone implant literally burst out of her chest.

After developing a pain in her arm, Sophie said she was rushed to Wrexham Park Hospital in March, but was sent home to rest.

Despite following doctors orders, her breast began to swell before exploding “silicone everywhere” just a few days later.

Terrified for her life, Sophie was rushed back to hospital where doctors saved her life, but now she fears she will have to stop working if her breasts aren’t reconstructed.

Sophie is now fearing the incident could affect her career

She told The Sun: “The doctors were really concerned about my infections, and if it would go to other organs.

“I am not feeling too good at the moment, the NHS have saved my life and the doctors have saved my life.

“When I initially went into hospital I begged them not to remove my implant because it’s my career, I’m in the adult industry and I need to work to support my children.

“But after they discharged me, the skin was swelling and it was all black and dying off. It just dropped off and then the implant burst through the skin and there was silicone everywhere.

“It was awful, my partner was asking me all sorts of weird things to see if he could patch it up. You have to see the funny side a little bit.

The mum of four is raising £38,000 for reconstructive surgery

“The whole thing has made me feel so sick, and it’s just awful, everything has just come crashing down.”

Sophie claims that despite developing sepsis five times in the last year, the in her implants had not been detected.

Now she has launched a GoFundMe to raise £38,000 for surgery in South Florida with her cosmetic surgeon, Dr Nevis, to completely reconstruct both breasts and nipples.

While many fans have inundated her with messages of support, Sophie admitted she has also fallen victim to trolls who have slammed her online.

But at home, Sophie’s partner Damien Oliver has been her “rock” and even proposed to her while she was in hospital to show his support.

Sophie claims she was in the shower when her implant exploded out of her chest

She added: “The messages of support have been great. But people have been mocking me too and I have had some really dark moments.

“This is my life, I have to look a certain way because that’s what I’ve always done and just because it’s an adult career doesn’t mean it’s worth any less.

“I still have the infections in my blood, my whole world has come crashing down and it’s going to be a long road to recovery.

“From a mental health perspective I am struggling with everything, I feel like I have lost everything.

“There is so much judgment there anyway but I am a human being at the end of the day.

Sophie claims her breasts were infected and she had developed sepsis five times in a year

“I have to have a total reconstruction of my breasts, which could affect my work and career as well as my health.

“All of the people who have been supporting me have been amazing though, I really appreciate the lovely DM’s.

“I am in the best place possible right now, very lucky where I am and that it isn’t any worse.”

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