Mum devastated to discover itchy back was symptom of serious of serious condition

Gill Liiv-Rochester’s 13-year-old daughter Emme, urged her to make doctors’ appointment and she was found to have two malignant melanomas on her skin

Gill Liiv-Rochester, who was diagnosed with two malignant melanomas, with her fiance Darren

A mum has warned others to get checked out after an itchy mole turned out to be skin cancer

Gill Liiv-Rochester, began scratching her back repeatedly but she did not know there was a mole on her skin

Her daughter Emme, 13, urged her to make a doctor’s appointment and she was found to have two malignant melanomas after another mole was found on her shoulder.

Gill, 36, from County Durham, first thought it was nothing serious but was devastated to discover it was cancer.

The mum-of-two is now hosting a fundraising event for the Melanoma-Me charity which raises skin cancer awareness and provides support for those with the condition and their families.

Gill with her daughter Emme, 13 and son Harry, 10


Gill Liiv-Rochester)

She was shocked to hear it was cancer


Gill Liiv-Rochester)

Gill told ChronicleLive : “I had a mole but I didn’t realize it was there as it was on my lower back.

“My daughter said to me: ‘Mam you keep scratching your back what’s the matter?’ She said maybe I should get it checked out.

“Looking back now I didn’t realize how exhausted I was and my skin was really dry.

“I thought it would be nothing or something very minor. When I went to the doctors, they asked how long I had had the mole on my shoulder but I had no idea I had one there.

“It all happened really fast. I saw the GP in the middle of the week and by Monday I was being operated on.

“I was told malignant melanomas are the most severe and aggressive form and by six to eight weeks it would spread to my organs – I never realized it was that serious. Thankfully it was stage one.”

Gill now wants to raise awareness about the dangers of skin cancer and said she believes people still assume melanoma is cured once it’s removed.

She said: “With skin cancer, a lot of people think it’s not that serious and you just get it removed and that’s it, but it’s not that at all. I’m still recovering from another biopsy I had but I’m getting there .

“People ask me whether they should get a mole checked out and I would always say to just get it checked out. It could be nothing but it may be something.”

Gill is now organizing a fundraising event in June to help raise money for Melanoma-Me which she said have been “amazing”.

She said: “I didn’t get in contact with them immediately but they’ve just been amazing. They were crying out to get people to help and they were struggling with funds and I just thought I need to give something back.

“It really helps to talk to other people going through a similar experience to you. I think unless you’ve gone through you can never fully understand it but Melanoma-Me have been so supportive, I can’t thank them enough.”

The event will be held on June 26 where there will be raffles, auctions, and food stalls.

Anyone who wants to donate prizes for the raffle can contact Gill through her Facebook page.

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