Mum defends thug son who left teen unable to walk and says he’s ‘not a bad boy’


Angel Lynn fell out of the vehicle as it sped down the A6 in Leicestershire and the teenager was discovered lying in the road by astonished passers-by

Chay Bowskill
Chay Bowskill left teenager Angel Lynn unable to walk and talk after bundling her into a van

A mum defended her thug son who left a teenage girl unable to walk and talk in a shocking statement.

Kathy Norris insisted that Chay Bowskill was ‘not a bad boy’ after he was jailed for bundling 19-year-old Angel Lynn into a van which she fell out of suffering horrific brain injuries.

Angel Lynn was thrown in the back of the van by her former boyfriend Chay Bowskill, 20, and his pal Rocco Sansome, 20.

She fell out of the vehicle as it sped down the A6 near Loughborough, Leicestershire and the teenager was discovered lying in the road by astonished passers-by.

The men were both found guilty of kidnap. Bowskill was jailed for seven-and-a-half years and Sansome received a 21 month sentence.

Chay Bowskill bundled his then girlfriend Angel Lynn into the back of van

Kathy, 58, told of her “devastation” at the 19-year-old girl’s life-changing injuries.

She said her “heart goes out to her and her family” who she claims hate her because of her son’s behavior and actions.

“What happened to her has destroyed me. It is horrific, absolutely tragic, a terrible thing and I’m devastated.

“I can’t believe that she will never be her normal happy and chatty self again. It’s so upsetting.

Her son was filmed grabbing Angel “like a rag doll”, carrying her across a busy road and throwing her into the back of a Transit van before it sped off.

Bowskill was sentenced to seven and half years in prison on Monday.

Video grab from footage showing the kidnap of 19-year-old Angel Lynn, in Leicestershire


Leicestershire Police/SWNS)

Footage of Chay Bowskill carrying Angel Lynn across a busy road


Leicestershire Police/SWNS)

But Angel’s family were furious at the kidnapper’s ‘laughing’ reaction in the court room.

Bowskill’s mum, however, insisted he was not a bad boy, she said: “My son’s not a bad boy but he’s not a saint.”

Her comments came as images emerged in The Sun of Bowskill smiling for the camera while holding a large hunting knife and a knuckle duster.

The victim’s family, meanwhile, criticized Bowskill’s “short” sentence.

Her aunt Jackie told Leicester Live: “We are disappointed that the sentence wasn’t longer. We have been given a life sentence because Angel’s injuries are so horrific.

“They will walk out after half their sentences are finished and get on with their lives.

CCTV footage was taken of the kidnapping


Leicestershire Police/SWNS)

“She’s never going to get married, have children and have a normal life.”

Jackie added: “Our family has had to become doctors and nurses.

“Her 10-year-old sister sits panicking, watching her oxygen levels go up and down when she should be enjoying her childhood. Her mum, Nikki, is the strongest person I know.”

The teenager suffered a fractured skull and horrific brain injuries, still struggles to communicate and is not expected to make a full recovery.

Bowskill and his friend Rocco Sansome, 20, both denied kidnap but were found guilty following a trial which was reported in The Mirror.

CCTV showed Bowskill chasing the teenager


Leicestershire Police/SWNS)

CCTV showed Bowskill chasing the teenager as she walked off in an argument before he bundled her into a van.

A judge slammed Katherine Norris for lying to police and a court after Chay Bowskill’s botched kidnap attempt resulted in Angel suffering severe brain damage.

Mrs Norris had tried to retract a statement she made to police after her son was arrested – with the court hearing audio of him angrily calling her from prison to change what she’d said.

Judge Timothy Spencer QC described Bowskill as “vile” before jailing him for seven and a half years for kidnap and coercive behaviour.

Speaking during the sentencing hearing, the Daily Mail reported Judge Spencer telling Bowskill: “Your mother comes out of this with no credit – it was disgraceful conduct with her giving lying evidence in court about Angel and the police.

“You should be ashamed of your vile and demeaning conduct towards your mother, seeking to get her to perjure herself – because it was you who brought her to this very low ebb.”

The 20-year-old was filmed carrying partner Angel, 19, across a busy street before throwing her into the back of a van.

Angel Lynn, 19, was bundled into the back of the van by her then-boyfriend Chay Bowskill (pictured) and his friend Rocco Sansome, 20,

The van then sped off and the teen fell out onto the A6 while traveling at 60mph.

She was left her with such catastrophic injuries doctors initially told her parents she would not survive.

Angel was taken to hospital but remains in hospital with life-changing injuries.

The teenager is unable to communicate, walk or feed herself and needs 24-hour care, her family say.

Detectives found video footage of Angel being forced into the van before it was driven away from the area by Sansome at speed. It prompted the later arrest of both men.

In a heartbreaking statement issued after the case, Angel’s dad Paddy said his daughter’s life “will never be the same.”

“Our lives have been changed beyond recognition forever,” he said.

“Angel was so full of life and had such a great future ahead of her. That future has sadly been taken away from her.”

Detective Chief Inspector Tony Yarwood, of the East Midlands Special Operations Unit Major Crime team, said: “Angel is a young woman who had plans and aspirations in place and the rest of her life to look forward to.

“Because of the extent of her injuries she now faces constant medical treatment and round the clock care.

“Her family remain devastated by what has happened and I praise the strength and bravery they have shown and continue to demonstrate to this day.

“No verdict or subsequent sentence can make up for the quality of life this young woman has lost.

“I can only hope that in time her family can find some comfort knowing justice has been done.”

A fundraiser has been set up to support Angel’s family at GoFundMe.

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