Mum criticizes ‘pathetic’ £1.80 panini at her son’s school that is ‘not enough at all’


Jackie Fothergirll said her son, Rowan Parkin, 13, paid £1.80 for a panini during his lunch break at Hinde House High School in Sheffield, South Yorkshire, but the lack of padding was “unacceptable” .

Jackie Fothergirl and her son Rowan Parkin
Jackie Fothergirl and her son Rowan Parkin

A mother has hit the school caterers after her son bought a chicken and cheese panini for his lunch, only to receive a shabby-looking sandwich with hardly any filling.

Jackie Fothergirll, 34, said her son, Rowan Parkin, 13, paid £1.80 for the paltry panini during his lunch hour at Hinde House Secondary School in Sheffield, South Yorkshire.

But he was disappointed when he opened it to reveal a few slices of chicken and some cheese wedged between apparently untoasted buns.

Jackie said: “It’s just not acceptable for our children to eat these kinds of foods.

“The slice is absolutely ridiculous and it’s £1.80. With the cost and everything going up, that’s not enough at all.”

Jackie, who has filed a complaint with the school and the catering service, said it was not the first time she had raised her concerns.

Rowan’s panini barely had any filling.


Jackie Fothergill/SWNS)

She said some children could go hungry if they depended on school meals as their only meal for the day.

Jackie added: “Paying that kind of money for a meal and that’s all you get, that could be the only meal of a child’s day.

“If that’s a child’s only meal, the child will be hungry all day.”

After Jackie’s complaint became public, the school contacted the caterer, Mellors, who later apologized.

But she says an apology isn’t enough, adding: “The provider said they would reimburse the parents, but I don’t want a refund.

“I want this fixed because this is not the first time this has happened.

The caterer apologized for the mishap


Jackie Fothergill/SWNS)

“We have been complaining to the school for a long time, but nothing has been done.”

She said she and other parents have been asked to come to the school for a “secret shopping experience” to try the food for themselves.

But Jackie doesn’t think this will solve the problem either.

She added: “I just feel like since they know I’m coming, they’re going to do the best they can. I mean, this isn’t the first time… the kids have had enough.

“What they need to do now is increase portion sizes to match food prices or lower food prices to match portion control.”

In a statement, the school said: “We have been made aware that there are numerous concerns circulating regarding the school’s catering provision provided by Mellors.

“Rest assured, we will address all concerns with contractors as a matter of urgency and keep them informed.”

Mellors Director of Operations Anne Kavanagh, in her letter of apology sent to Mr. Zia, said: “I have been made aware of the complaint regarding a panini purchased by one of your students.

“The quality standard represented by the photograph taken does not reflect the standards by which we operate.

“We are conducting an internal investigation to find out what happened and ensure the usual high standard of food operation is met.

“I would like to apologize for this incident, but please be assured that we are reviewing our procedures to ensure a similar situation does not occur.”

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