Mum and kids hide in bathroom as ex smashes window and smears blood through home

Gregorz Ewiak, 34, was jailed for two years and four months and a restraining order is now in force to protect his victim

Gregorz Ewiak was jailed after he broke into ex's home in Warrington
Gregorz Ewiak was jailed after he broke into ex’s home in Warrington

A mum hid in a locked bathroom with her children while her ex-boyfriend smashed through their home and smeared blood across the walls, a court heard.

Gregorz Ewiak, 34, broke into the victim’s home by crashing through the living room window and later threatened to kill her, it was claimed.

Like a horror movie, blood was discovered on the TV, walls, carpets and door handles which revealed Ewiak’s DNA, the prosecution said.

When the terrifying order was over, he sent her a text threatening to take away her children, aged two and seven, reports Liverpool Echo.

A judge told Ewiak his actions must have left the victim and her children “absolutely petrified.”

Liverpool Crown Court was told the female victim was at her home in Birchwood, Warrington, on October 21 last year.

Ewiak, of Dagenham, London, was subject to bail conditions at the time, with an overnight home curfew due to “extradition proceedings”.

Liverpool Crown Court


Liverpool echo)

But the mum heard banging on her front door at around 10pm, before her living room window was smashed.

She rushed upstairs, collected her children from their bedrooms and locked them in the bathroom with her.

Prosecutor Jonathan Rogers said: “She could then hear people in her home and she heard someone shout ‘I’m going to kill you’ in Polish.”

She didn’t recognize the voice but someone allegedly started banging on the bathroom door trying to get in.

Neighbors called the police and the two intruders left the scene, the court heard.

When officers arrived, they found the front door lock was broken, with the key snapped in the lock.

Mr Rogers said they discovered “large amounts of blood” by the living room window and “smeared throughout the property” which revealed Ewiak’s DNA.

The prosecutor said the woman told a social worker Ewiak had confronted her a few weeks earlier “suspecting she was having a relationship with a next-door neighbour.”

Ewiak was arrested and interviewed – but made no comment.

He admitted burglary with intent to cause damage and criminal damage, after a charge of making threats to kill was dropped by the crown.

Mr Rogers said Ewiak’s victim concluded a statement by saying “she is scared of the defendant because he is crazy”.

He said: “She is unsure of what she may do and she believes the safest thing for her to do is to return to Poland.”

The victim also wrote a letter to the court, but later said this was after being “pressured into doing so, by two unknown individuals”.

Recorder Ian Harris said the victim explained “a letter was sent to the court in my name requesting a lenient sentence for Mr Ewiak” and said “the letter was made under duress”.

Ewiak has four previous convictions including theft in 2008 and “advertising prostitution” in 2010.

In 2014 he was jailed for battery after assaulting a former partner.

That same year he was jailed for 14 months in Poland for inflicting grievous bodily harm.

The court heard a letter from the mum of his child described him as a “good father to their daughter” and there was a letter from his daughter “saying how much she misses her father.”

Benjamin Brown, defending, asked for full one-third credit for his client’s early guilty pleas and said he had “no knowledge” of the letter sent by the victim.

He said: “He accepts that he clearly should never have entered the property and he does recognize the impact upon his ex-partner.”

Mr Brown said: “His sole focus and motivation now your honor is to become a good father to his daughter, who is 12 years of age.

“He fully appreciates and keenly feels the loss to her of a father figure as a result of his actions.”

The lawyer said Ewiak wanted to take up a job offer at a vegetable shop.

He said: “The defendant wants to become a beneficial member of society moving forward and is motivated to gain employment upon his release.”

Reading a pre-sentence report, Recorder Harris said: “He only accepted limited responsibility for his offending and he doesn’t come across as being particularly remorseful.”

Mr Brown suggested “language barriers may have contributed to that impression”.

Recorder Harris said the victim and her children “must have been absolutely petrified” when locked in the bathroom.

The judge said the sight of all the blood afterwards “must have added horror to the fear that the woman and the children felt.”

He said Ewiak traveled up from Dagenham and when he arrived at the house, “it seems to me there was an explosion of temper so far as you’re concerned.”

Recorder Harris jailed him for two years and four months, adding: “This is without prejudice to the extradition matter that as I understand it is going through the courts.”

He also imposed a seven-year restraining order to protect the victim.

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