Mum and children’s shock after seeing near-nude man walking through Knowsley Safari Park

A family say they were left ‘in stitches’ after witnessing a person ‘brazenly’ stride across the Knowsley Safari Park car park – dressed only in a bright green ‘mankini’. The young family were eating their final ice creams of their Easter Bank Holiday day out when they witnessed a man walk across the car park in the skimpy one piece and black trainers.

It was mum Zoe Alexander’s young daughter who first spotted the nearly-nude man at around 5pm today, April 16, she told the Manchester Evening News . “We were sat in our car in the car park, having our ice creams before leaving, and my little girl says ‘what is that man wearing?’ I just said ‘not very much!’

“He just got out of his car as calm as you like, walked into the café, got a takeaway coffee and left on his own. “We can’t stop laughing about it. My little girl and stepdaughter, who are 10 and 11, were in stitches.”

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The two little girls, Grace and Izzy, were leaving Knowsley Safari Park excited to have seen a tiger for the first time. But after witnessing the Borat-style mankini, ‘we spent the way home talking about this bloke’, laughed mum Zoe.

“We got some decent pictures of the animals today, this one tops the lot. My stepdaughter had been saying ‘we’ve finally seen a tiger’, that’s all been forgotten now, seeing this guy in his mankini.

Mum Zoe, partner Ed, and the girls who spotted the bizarre sight, Grace and Izzy

“It was really busy at the safari park, a typical Bank Holiday Saturday afternoon with lots of kids and families – and there he is. He was just so calm and brazen, a little smile on his face, strolling across the car park.”

The family has been left so baffled by the bizarre scenes that they are now on the hunt for answers. Zoe, 39, continued: “I’m trying to work out how it happened – if he was on a stag do,” added Zoe.

The family is desperate to know why the man was walking through Knowsley Safari Park dressed in a mankini

“I don’t know why they’d go to Knowsley Safari Park, maybe it was a dare? If his mates have dumped him, that’s a bit harsh, but he was driving so he was stone-cold sober.

“I thought he might have been filming it for a YouTube dare, but I didn’t see that he had a camera. It’s like something you’d see in Magaluf, not in Knowsley Safari Park car park on a Saturday afternoon.”

The mystery continues around how long the man had been at the safari park for, with Zoe hoping that the star of the family’s day comes forward.

“He just came out with his coffee, walked in between the cars, got in his and left. It’s about £25 per person to get into the safari park, you have to pay admission before you get to the car park – and pre- book because the park still isn’t accepting walk-ins.

“He was just so calm and brazen, a little smile on his face, strolling across the car park”

“I was trying to have a scan round the car park to see if he was with anyone, but no! He looked like a completely normal bloke, he wasn’t causing any trouble or being an idiot.

“We were a bit shocked, it’s definitely left me guessing. I wonder what the staff in the café said to him, and I need to know why he was doing it!”

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