MSP hits out at “attempts to stir up racial hatred” as far right leaflets posted in Dumbarton

Dumbarton’s MSP has hit out at “cowards attempting to stir up racial hatred” after far-right leaflets were delivered to homes in the town.

Jackie Baillie says she was disgusted when one was posted through her letterbox with the claim that white Britons will be a minority in the UK by 2060.

It goes on to make claims about the impact of immigration on the United Kingdom, claiming that it is the cause of traffic on the roads, busy public transport and health delays – and calls on “like minded patriotic people to help make a difference”.

The Labor member told the Lennox: “I was absolutely appalled.

MSP Jackie Baillie said she was disgusted by the leaflet.

“The fact this was handed out in Dumbarton shocked me. I’ve always thought we were a very welcoming and inclusive community.

“I still believe that to be the case.

“But somebody is circulating this leaflet in Dumbarton.

“I’ve never seen anything like it before in this area.

“Somebody is trying to stir up racial hatred.

“They are a coward because they won’t put their name to it. They won’t debate the issues. They just sneak leaflets through people’s doors proclaiming racist views.

“It will be terrible for anyone from a different background who has come to this country to think that there are some people who do not welcome them.

“The overwhelming majority of the community will welcome people. We will stand up and call out this form of racism. That’s an important thing for us all to do.”

On the website of the group behind the leaflet, Patriotic Alternative, supporters are urged to download material – also including anti-Covid vaccine, gray squirrel and mask messages – take them to a local printer and then post them through letterboxes in their community.

The group have labeled April ‘Demographic Replacement Awareness Month’, and are running a competition to see which area’s activists can deliver the most leaflets – with prizes including a gold badge and a celebration call with the group’s founders on offer. They are led by Mark Collett, a former BNP member.

They add that every activist who delivers 1303 leaflets will be inducted into an online hall of fame, stating: ”The reason we have chosen 1303 as the figure is because if every supporter delivered 1303 leaflets, every white household in the United Kingdom would receive a leaflet.”

Currently they claim to have delivered almost 5,000 leaflets across Scotland.

The website also shows a group of masked activists holding a banner that says Keep Scotland Scottish.

Jackie continued: “My view of our country and town is that we are open and inclusive. That remains my view.

“But you cannot, in all conscience, describe Scotland as a welcoming and diverse country when we have nonsense like this circulating in our community.”

A spokeswoman for Patriotic Alternative, said: “As a politician, Jackie needs to have a better grip on her emotions and look into things before she tweets, or she’ll end up looking silly like she has done here.

“It was ‘the people of Dumbarton’ who delivered the leaflets so she doesn’t seem to understand her constituents very well.”

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